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PCR #189  (Vol. 4, No. 45)  This edition is for the week of November 2--9, 2003.

My Life And Times At Tampa International Airport
by Will Moriaty
"The Matrix Revolutions"
by Mike Smith
Playboy....Things I Didn't Know, But Maybe I Should Have....Slush Pile....One-Shots
 by Brandon Jones
Ronald Who?....Fall TV Update
 by Vinnie Blesi
Movies....Our Films....Comics
 by John Lewis
One Eye, No Balls....Coming Soon....Crime Does Pay....Missing a Brother....Chip Off The Old Tombstone
 by Mike Smith
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See what happens when you actually read the articles!!!
Sure I look at the pictures, but Playboy has always been an incredible magazine. The forum allows for brutally honest interviews full of profanity and honest answers. With this December issue, I reached a whole new level of accomplishment as wife has cracked the cover.

Yep, it’s true. Of course, it’s to read the John Cusack interview – but hey, how many of you have caught your spouse with her nose in a Playboy. Maybe I don’t want to know.

In Splash Page, PCR #197, I mentioned that my wife labeled me a MOUI (i.e., a Master of Useless Information.---N) and I live in a world of scrutiny until she needs the answer to that trivia question the office has been debating all morning. The balance is exposing her to the things she loves and bringing in new things to try. For example, the Cusack interview also led to other interesting factoids she’s now discussing with her friends (see “Things I Didn’t know…” below). I dig up a live U2 CD now and again to feed her love for Bono and their music.

My passion for Pop Culture is stimulated by the challenge to expose others to my world that is obsessed with trivia. I write, attempt to feed my love for movies and aspire to create some – all while involving those around me to spread the love of the Pop Culture.

Now a dozen women in my wife’s office will all READ Playboy in the upcoming few days. Why? Because you show them that something is interesting beyond the perceived barriers and perceptions. Try it – you may surprise someone, hopefully yourself.

Speaking of Cusack and John Lewis’s update on Alan Moore from last week – Moore’s “Watchmen” may be moving to Sony and Cusack may play Daniel Drieberg, the Nite-Owl. This would be a great foundation to build a cast around and David Hayter’s work on “X-Men” should help him put together an all-star cast. (source: Ain’t It Cool News and Yahoo Movies.)


I received an e-mail saying the “Things I didn’t know” list was too short, so here you go:

Rock, paper, scissors championship? Sponsored by Molson Canadian – Yes, it’s true. Rob Krueger was crowned the RPS Champ as is described as a “resounding success.” The players win sets competing head-to-head similar to Tennis – I guess. Let me quote one of the rules (this is my favorite):

2. (of the Basic rules) “For those new to the game, the only acceptable throws are Rock, Paper and Scissors. Any use of Dynamite, Bird, Well, Spock, Water, Match, Fire, God, Lightning, Bomb throws, will result in automatic disqualification.”

It had never occurred to me to try the “Spock” and for the record, my wife is a champ using the “lightsaber” technique.

Check out the society or get the strategy guide at: http://www.worldrps.com/ For answers to all those nagging questions: http://www.worldrps.com/faq.html

Ronnie Mac pulls 40k-100k?!?!? According to that Playboy mentioned above, there are about 250 jobs as Ronald McDonald worldwide and a typical annual salary is $40,000. Averaging 1+ show a day (400 in a year) can bring you about $100,000 and a TV spot is worth $300,000.

Needless to say, the downside to your spouse checking out Playboy is her efforts to get you in a red nose and big shoes and quit your day job.

Is “Seven” or “Se7en” (as some have it listed) based on a true story? A question from a co-worker and I knew the answer was NO, but thanks to IMDB I did not know that:

  • Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker was the first corpse and wrote the screenplay over a 2 year stint at a branch of Tower Records.
  • The fingerprint tech is Morgan Freeman’s son Alfonso.
  • Criticize Brad Pitt if you like, but he refused to do the movie if the studio changed the ending – which New Line intended to do.
  • I had heard this one: the man tied to the bed for a year was animatronic, but was actually a skinny actor with exaggerated teeth.

Jesus struck by lightning: Mel Gibson’s controversial movie “The Passion of Christ” was dealt an unexpected message from the “higher-ups.” Actor Jim Caviezel, who plays the Son of God, was struck by lightning during the shoot. Although he was unharmed, witnesses described the lightning and smoke emanating from his ears. Not convinced that was an omen – the assistant director who was also hit, Jan Michelini, has now been struck twice. Hey Mel, I was unaware of the animatronic Christ figure on the cross -- probably not a good idea or do you dismiss this as a pissed off Zeus? (Interestingly, Mike Smith commented on the lightning strikes as well, in last week's Rant.--N)

Other things I didn’t know:

-- Brooke Shields tried seven in vitro treatments before getting pregnant dating back to the Andre Agassi and “Suddenly Susan” era in her life. (People Mag)

-- Steve Martin is working on a gay “Hart to Hart” for TV. (I just went Huh?) –(source: EW)

-- Too much to list here, but everything about the B-movie hall of fame – go check it out for yourself.



NOVEMBER 9, 2003 10-5
1-888-370-6108 for directions

I’m planning for the convention, so with limited finances I haven’t been reading too much.


The Cracker Barrel Diet: It’s finally happened. I officially am going on a diet. Never in my life have I really seen the point. I know I could lose weight and look better, but isn’t that all part of Natural Selection. If no one had invented Krispy Kremes I’d be twenty pounds lighter anyway. Well, things have changed.

A Cracker Barrel is being built within minutes of my house.

Most CBs (I need to abbreviate to conserve energy in my weakened state) are built at interstate exits, so I need to make a point of going there. We never just happen by exit 14 and drop in. No, truth be told, we load up the five kids and go kill ourselves with their amazing food.

Case in point, with the new CB looming I’m fasting. Yep, I’m going David Blaine without the plastic box and the angry English. How else will I ever survive the endless temptation of country fried steak, mashed potatoes…I’m drooling like Pavlov’s dog. Pray for my arteries as grim future awaits me.

Sobering up and losing weight didn’t save Rerun. Fred Berry has passed away and could never surpass the type-casting as Rerun from “What’s Happening!!!” Even in recent cameo appearances on “That 70’s Show”, “Scrubs” as well as “Star Dates” and “Classmates.” For all of you MOUIs – his character’s name was Fred Stubbs.

Chicago heals as it vilifies fan: Steve Bartman was a lifelong Cubs fan, but the backlash for snagging the foul ball should change all that. The “Bartman” costume, growing in popularity for Halloween (complete with headphones) hopefully will be enough to convert the 26-year-old man to a White Sox fan. The FBI Most Wanted parody posters would have been enough for me following the ridicule, vandalism and criticisms this man has already endured.

My parody for “The Shaw Report” in “Entertainment Weekly” will return:
Why? Mostly because I hate it.

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