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Katherine Leis's "Untitled DVD Project, Volume One"....Gus Perez's “Light of Blood”
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"Secret Window"
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Goodbye Spalding and Paul....Quickie Horror Film Reviews
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Canada's P.C. Machine....Fox News Alarmist....Satellite TV....MegaCon '04
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Social Commentary....Reality Check....Life On Mars, Don't Bet On It....Movie Notes....More On Those FCC Hypocrites....Follow-up To MegaCon....Kerry Wins Florida
 by Brandon Jones
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Social Commentary

First, welcome back Deadguy, and what a grand return it was. Tackling such a large social issue as gay marriage.

This couldn’t be a more difficult issue for me because my best friend is gay and faces many of the issues raised in last week’s commentary. First, I want to rebuke the literalists that take the Bible word for word to argue their perspective. I studied ancient languages Latin and Greek at the end of high school and then into college and I have yet to be convinced that the “homosexual” existed as it is used today.

There is evidence that same gender relationships existed, but reproduction was still an essential part of society, so a mate was sought out. Of course, we have cloning and banks of frozen sperm ensure that isn’t necessary. Many of the gratuitous references in the Bible (Sodom in Genesis for example) are purely anal rape stories and the underlying theme of benevolence and goodwill outplays condemnation. Search it out, consensual homosexual relationships is a modern occurrence, not one that is addressed in Ancient scripture.

Likewise, what difference does it make? Who gets to be judge and jury? Assume the fundamentalist stance is correct and they’re going to hell – that not your or mine decision is it? Separation of the church and state is the real issue.

Why is easier to get married than it is buy a car or house? Shouldn’t a pre-nup and will be standard protocol with the marriage license? Why do we even have “annulments” – because “every that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? There is no sanctity in marriage – I’ve been divorced twice. I thought there was a concern about the promiscuity in the gay community.

Reality check.

There should be a legal process to get married, without regard to gender, that encompasses all legal rights: shared property, healthcare benefits and probate laws. The religious ceremonial part should be separate and not to be meddled into by anyone.

No, don’t try to convince that this should be handled by State legislature. If you’re married in California and relocate to Missouri, the parchment should still be valid. There are already 38 different states that have begun modifying their definitions – imagine what a mess this will become.

Bush took the wimpy way out with the constitutional amendment recommendation, trying to wash his hands of it and blame the people if gay marriage is not legalized. Too bad he can’t drop a bomb on it, or it would have been his top priority.

Life on Mars, don’t bet on it

NASA’s Mars Rover discovered sulfates and other minerals that substantiate that there was water on Mars, therefore, the probability of life. The news didn’t get the attention it deserved, especially with President Bush’s grandiose plans for our space program.

So? Well, for one thing, the gambling books in Britain have been frozen. Yep, the British bookies have stopped taking bets on “life on Mars” as the odds went from 1000 to 1 down to 16:1. Hmmm.

Other notable lines now off the table:

Organism still living on Mars ....................................... 500:1
Against humans landing on Mars before 2031 ............... 50:1
Against humans returning to the Moon before 2016 ....... 10:1

Well, better odds than the Super Bowl. Too bad, too late.

Movie notes

Charlize Theron will bring to life “Aeon Flux” of MTV animated fame. “Catwoman” has been moved up to July 23 of this year. “Daredevil 2” has been officially delayed (they haven’t even started), so “Elektra” will get the nod in 2005 (Feb. 18).

More on those FCC hypocrites

Well, they’re not going to fine NBC for letting the F-bomb from U2’s Bono hit the airwaves. Of course, every award show will NOW be run on delay, so what is the real standard here? They don’t know.

Our gracious editor, Mr. Canova, pleads his case with me that the government intervention is the real issue here and I agree to an extent. I would encourage you to track down Bubba the Love Sponge show transcripts to get a real taste of the vulgarity that made his show number one.

Which is another point to the argument? If his show is number one, then there is a large populus that feels the material is not only acceptable but is embraced. However, when is the content policed? We have ratings for movies, but there is no rating for radio shows. I fully support freedom of speech, but vulgar dialogue (based on general society standards including George Carlin’s dirty words) becomes abuse of that right.

I support that he has a right to air his show and depict the antics that made him successful, but there needs to be an appropriate forum for that dialogue.

Follow-up to Megacon

April 4 from 10-4 will be the Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention, which will feature the likes of Dick Kulpa, Dick Giordano, Mart Nodell and others. Also on the slate is Kenny Miller (“I Was a Teenage Werewolf” and “Attack of the Puppet People”).

More info later. www.comicconventions.com/tampaconvention

Kerry wins Florida

Barbara Stone’s comments in the Sun-Sentinel sums up my feelings:

"The problem is not being able to come up with a really strong candidate," said Barbara Stone, also of Highland Beach. "It's forcing us to vote against Bush instead of voting for a good candidate."


If I have to vote for an extreme liberal, I’m voting for one that’s proud of it (not denying the National Journal rankings), so I’m voting for Nolan Canova.

Are you with me people?

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