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PCR #224  (Vol. 5, No. 28)  This edition is for the week of July 5--11, 2004.

Book Review: “Totch - - A Life in the Everglades”
 by Will Moriaty
"Super Size Me"
 by Mike Smith
Spider-Man 2 Review
 by Andy Lalino
Bright House DVR vs. TIVO....The Grandfathers of Goth....TV Notes....Spider-Man 2 Review
 by Vinnie Blesi
Free Comic Day
 by Brandon Jones
It's A Bash Dude!....Bush Speak
 by Matt Drinnenberg
This Week's Issue....The Greatest Ever....Get Well....Now The Song Makes Sense....Movie Notes....Screen To Stage....Meet The Beatles, Part 24
 by Mike Smith
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Free Comic Day

READ MORE COMICS! Not just the theme of the day, July 3, but also the name of the Brandon Comic Shop my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting. A free Spidey issue battling the Vulture will entertain the boys with a Teen Titans comic as an extra. A retro looking issue of Archie rounded out the freebies, and on we went.

This is a full service shop for all types of collectors: plenty of new comics, back issues, rare variants on the walls and even professionally graded CGC comics. I went home with a few trade paperbacks that were quite the deal and a fistful of HeroClix figures for the office. Even my wife conceded the coolness of the Plastic Man figure.

With the fall of Merlin’s Comics and our dear editor commenting on the dreary face of Don (Green Shift Comics), the state of Comicdom is pretty suspect at the moment.

Joe Quesada has stated how the industry is not driven toward the younger audience. I’d question how it will maintain an audience. Similar to the state of Baseball, our former National Pasttime, the next generations just aren’t interested.

Let’s face it, most of us are victims of the fast paced world and our kids are by-products. Similar to the hour-long cliff note in sports (ESPN) you don’t ever need to take in a game to enjoy the “highlights.” Likewise, you didn’t need to read an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man to enjoy the recent flick.

So when is the last time you picked up a comic? Close you eyes for a second and remember reading one of your favorite issues. I can still feel the chill of the A&P grocery chain reading every issue on the rack, before negotiating with my Grandma. Standing next to the spinning rack I could look into the cooler full of Cool Whip. The Avengers was my personal favorite, anticipating each month’s issue.

Now try to find a comic in a store. Go on, I’ll wait.

Publix, Waldenbooks or the trades at the large bookstore like Barnes & Noble or Borders, but comics are nearly extinct from the eyes of kids. It’s a personal ambition to get the word out: “Read More Comics!”

Yeah, it’s on Brandon Blvd. You get the idea.


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