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 by Will Moriaty
"Open Water"
 by Mike Smith
Tampa Comic & Toy Convention, Part 2
 by Brandon Jones
The Dr. Paul Bearer Database: The Story Behind Its Creation
 by Andy Lalino
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 by Mike Smith
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Splash Page

Apologies for the belated Splash Page as I spent days out of town assisting relief efforts following Hurricane Chuck. With that said…


I never realized the extent of Alex Saviuk’s tenure on Web of Spider-Man (over five years) nor did I know his nickname was “Ollie” and No, I did not expect to hear of his upcoming birthday in August.

Well, it was a great pleasure to again chat with Spidey artist Alex Saviuk who continued the Marvel conversation that Ethan van Sciver had begun (see previous Splash Page). Similar to Ethan’s comments, were the frustration with the limited profit sharing between Marvel and the artists. Alex sited artwork that appeared on a Monopoly game as another example of “clip-art” usage that is excluded from the royalties agreements.

Alex SaviukDon’t get me wrong, there were no sour grapes – I think of it more as, venting.

For example, the highlight of our conversation was a Alex discussing a Peter David project on Web called “Cult of Love.” The maligned relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is left struggling for money. MJ decides to pose for Playboy to bring in some extra cash. Alex added all of the innuendoes, particularly the bathrobe dropping to her feet and the bare back shot of Mary Jane posing.

Well, get out your red pen censors – Tom DeFalco, editor at the time, killed the idea, siting the “Comic Code” and nixed the magazine name Playboy for “in lingerie”. Bra straps were even added to Saviuk’s work – not exactly the creative style he originally intended. He went on in detail of how the panels were intended to portray a certain story, so when that was changed, so was the impact on the reader.

Still, very active as the artist on the Sunday newspaper Spider-Man strip, Saviuk is a very engaging man and I look forward to other reflections on his work and his experiences.

More next week.

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