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PCR #234  (Vol. 5, No. 38)  This edition is for the week of September 13--19, 2004.

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 by Will Moriaty
"Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow"
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 by Andy Lalino
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Teachers Aren't In It Alone....Centrist? No For Nader!....Nothing Is Better Than Football Season
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 by Matt Drinnenberg
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 by Mike Smith
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A recent article in the Tampa Tribune focused on The Free Store run by A Gift For Teaching. A non-profit organization that offers supplies to teaches free of charge. A warehouse is stocked full of donated items and volunteers pitch in all to “help children.”

What a breath of fresh air?

How sick are you of hearing parent talk about protecting the kids or it’s for the kids? Give me a break. Even the school system can be their own worse enemy.

Last year, we discovered my son’s teacher was sharing an electric pencil sharpener with five other classes. After some prompting she was willing to accept one from us. I asked my neighbor, who teaches in Valrico, and she dismisses the problem as part of the job.

That’s just bull!!!

Educators have been made to feel and are programmed to do without. Atleast this outlet is resource that some schools and teachers are benefiting from. For others, just speak out. Not all parents will help. Don’t expect a brand new Dell computer, but ask. The parents might surprise you.


Well, according to the voting analysis on AOL I’m a split voter. Dead even Kerry and Bush. Of course, what caught my eye is the sad state of affairs for the Green Party. Ralph Nader isn’t even listed.

The judicial system is Florida continues to deprive Nader of a place on the Presidential Ballot. It’s so frustrating to hear the comments about: “It’s not even a real party” or “He doesn’t really stand a chance to win.” What?

Isn’t the foundation of the country supposed to be our liberties and power of voice. If the ballot had 100 names on it, there’d be deterioration of the election. I don’t expect the raging debate of 1,000 candidates, but we should be able to handle FOUR.

Oh yeah, “Centrist”, evidently, is a new term to describe those of us in the middle. I don’t know how I feel yet, but I prefer it over Limbaugh’s “those moderates.”


While hockey locks out its players, the Yankees cry for a forfeit from the lowly Devil Rays and the NBA basketball players can’t beat Puerto Rico, Football climbs back into the driver’s seat of our hearts.

We care. One game a week drives the gamblers, the fantasy football geeks and spreads into the average Joe. With very little effort you can follow the sport or atleast your local team.

You have to have the stamina of a marathon runner to follow a season of the other sports. The pennant race can’t compare to the drama of the head-to-head game on Sunday. Why are the finances and the TV ratings driving football – because we care!

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