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PCR #236  (Vol. 5, No. 40)  This edition is for the week of September 27--October 3, 2004.

 by Will Moriaty
No column this week due to power outages in Plant City
"The Forgotten"
 by Mike Smith
Reviews of the latest CD releases from: Green Day, The Libertines, The Black Keys, The Concretes, The Faint
  by Terence Nuzum
Guest Oddservations: Filmmaker Andrew Allan on the passing of Russ Meyer
 by Andy Lalino
Fanzine Memoirs, Part 4....Not your file-stealing teen’s Napster....Michael Moore’s Slacker tour
  by Vinnie Blesi
Things I Didn’t Know but Probably Should Have – The Star Wars version....More Things, NON-Star Wars Related....Gruden has led us to the end....One Last Question
 by Brandon Jones
Debate? Not Really....He's King! He's Kong!
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Finally!....Love You Live....TagliaBOO....Meet The Beatles, Part 36
 by Mike Smith
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Things I Didn’t Know but Probably Should Have – The Star Wars version

Technically only from “A New Hope” as I’m through the commentary and featurettes on the new DVD. Check out the message board for continued comments.

•  The original treatment was only 14 pages, written in 1973. So, if you thought Lucas was ahead of his time in 1977, subtract four more years. Secondly, imagine trying to summarize the trilogy in only 14 pages.
•  Because of the first point, both Universal and United Artist passed on “The Star Wars”. FOX bought into Lucas, not the premise, as Luke Starkiller wasn’t winning over Hollywood execs.
•  Lucas is notorious for not speaking to actors or giving much direction (“Faster and more intense” is pretty much it), but I didn’t know that he shared casting details with Brian DePalma who was building his team on “Carrie.”
•  More on Casting: Imagine Kurt Russell as Han Solo and William Katt as Luke. Andy Lalino might have been happy with the Snake and the Greatest American Hero, but the auditions reveal why they did NOT get the gig.
•  Lastly, grab the remote and hit pause to read lines from the Lucas manuscript and hear tons of lines that never made the final cut. Interesting for the SW addicts like myself.


•  The Genetic Savings & Clone in Sausalito, California only charges $50,000 to clone your cat. Quite the bargain if you ask me.
•  We’re still upside down about 1.3 million jobs since September 10, 2001 so you may want to look into the following careers: Registered Nurse, Post Secondary Teacher, Food Preparation and Servers, Janitors and Cleaners, General Operation Managers or a Security Guard. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the booming jobs for the next decade.
•  I have allergy problems and I recently read this one: Hair is a pollen magnet, so wash it before bed so you don’t breathe in these particles in your sleep.
•  Lastly, sort of a Halloween theme: what hospitals pay for body parts – heart valve $6,000, femur $3,800, patella tendon $2,400, cornea $2,300 or skin which is $1,000 per square foot. Maybe we could reduce healthcare costs by cutting post-mortem spending.

Gruden has led us to the end

I’d still do it. I will trade a couple of years for a Lombardi trophy.

The Bucs are horrible. Jon Gruden is overcoaching this team into the top of the next year’s draft. Veterans that have been brought in are injured or underperforming. The offensive line is a joke so we can look forward to another overhaul in 2005. Is it worth it?

Ask a fan of the Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings or Philadelphia Eagles.

One last question…

Don’t movies suck right now? Is there anything out that really gets you excited? Maybe we’re inching up onto the Hollywood collapse, similar to what happened in the '70s.

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