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PCR #241  (Vol. 5, No. 45)  This edition is for the week of November 1--7, 2004.

What’s In A Name? A Look at the Origin of Names of Florida’s Towns and Counties N to P
 by Will Moriaty
"The Incredibles"
 by Mike Smith
Brian Wilson's SMILE, reviewed
  by Terence Nuzum
At the Late Night Halloween Horror Picture Show 2004....The Horror Films....The Special Guests....The Filmmakers....Fans/Friends
 by Andy Lalino
The Voting Day Victory....What's Next For Creature Feature....AOL To Cut Jobs
 by Brandon Jones
Bush - Head To The Mountains
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Election Fallout....Vinnie Come Home....Music Notes....Stamp of Approval....Scary Movie Moments....Speaking of Scary....Passing On....Meet The Beatles, Part 41
 by Mike Smith
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I spoke to Nolan on Tuesday morning with intense excitement as what I was seeing. Sure, the media had their broadcasts of the long lines, but it was right there in front of me. At seven A.M. I passed the nearby precinct to drop off my kids at school. The line was atleast a hundred people deep. Reports on the radio confirmed the voter turnout throughout the country.

Sure I knew that many people voted before work, but I’ve never seen the line like this. Within the next thirty minutes it was confirmed, the lines were long everywhere. I was ecstatic.

I’ve heard the reports but now I’ve seen it.

I went back by my precinct about lunchtime and the line was still long. When I voted in the early afternoon, an hour wait was considered a walk in the park. But as I stood there in line I was witnessing the true victory of America.

Everyone was represented. Tall, short, black, white, Hispanic, old, young, and the handicapped voters – they were all present. America at its finest. Everyone talking about the long lines, voting early and the massive turnout – it was truly glorious.

Maybe we’ve turned a corner.


The four-week experiment is behind us and I’m concerned about Professor Paul Bearer’s future. WTOG limited the time available for skits and the economic need for ads indicates that wouldn’t change. But will WTOG work something out and continue CreFea – I hope so.

They haven’t shown the kind of support that I would have like to see. Radio ads, a run in the local paper were in place for the first week, but it faded fast. Likewise, the Professor made limited public appearances and was absent from Guavaween. Nolan spoke highly of meeting the Professor, but getting into the public is key.

The legacy of CreFea was an appeal to kids as well, and the failed opportunities of October and Halloween have past. So now what WTOG?

No news is NOT good news and we’re all lurking for more.


It’s been commonplace to blame the government for the recent rash of job cuts over the last couple of years. Add AOL to the list as 700 jobs are said to cut as revenues plummet. Customers are switching from dial-up to high-speed connections and AOL is becoming an anchor for Time Warner.

So how does it become the fault of Dubya? I dunno.

The answer is two-pronged: the aforementioned revenue loss and their dot.com situation. You didn’t think AOL was immune from investigations. Near the end of all of the media releases: “Security regulators are still investigating accounting practices at AOL.”

AOL must be supporting Kerry.

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