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PCR #243  (Vol. 5, No. 47)  This edition is for the week of November 15--21, 2004.

What’s In A Name? Conclusion: A Look at the Origin of Names of Florida’s Towns and Counties U to Z......Musings on the new "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Miami Vice" movies
 by Will Moriaty
"The Spongebob Squarepants Movie"
 by Mike Smith
Battle of the Herky-Jerkies! "That's Incredibles" vs. "The Polar Bear Express"....Live Aid Debuts on DVD
 by Andy Lalino
The Wide World of Sports is Really Screwed Up....As Hollywood Turns Will The Fanboys Cry....Animated Films Update
 by Brandon Jones
Monday Nite Football....Famous Monsters #238
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Hypocrites....Live Aid Is Here....Love Those Burgers....Passing On....10 of 500....Meet The Beatles, Part 43
 by Mike Smith
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I know it’s a new millennium but some things are just hard to believe:

Barry Bonds wins his SEVENTH MVP award: Four players are tied all-time with three and Bonds has twice that. He hit another 45 home runs in his forties. Of course, none of this can be possible, so he must be on steroids right?

BCS decides college football champions: NCAA football is still so clueless and their “Bowl College Standings” computer system is nearly as laughable as the judging for Olympic gymnastics. No one can explain to me the rules, the parameters and what the hell it all means? I’m pullin’ for the undefeated Utah Utes.

NBA season just started and no one noticed – maybe they don’t care.

NHL season is still on hold as the players are locked out and no one noticed – maybe they don’t care.

The NFL hypocrisy continues as the league still penalizes players for taunting and hard hits yet use them in their promotions and video games. Players that are required to pay fines should counter sue for revenues earned by the league for the Madden 2005 games. Likewise, the semi-naked incident on Monday Night Football requires an apology but we’re being subjected to the Cialis commercial.

Lastly, on the football note – the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers won 11 games all of last year and have already went a combined 15-3. I call it “The Power of One”. Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger are their respective quarterbacks and in a league of parity, these players push their teams to elite status. Miami, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Dallas, Carolina and Tennessee have combined for only one more victory. Compare that to last year when those same teams won 70 games. Is it parity or is it timing and luck?


The pictures of the Fantastic Four, Batman and Elektra leak into the public (most recently in the comic price guide Wizard), so goes that lack of buzz.

All together now....sigh.

The General Lee will be absent the confederate flag and Stifler will be behind the wheel. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx will lead the “Miami Vice” while Tom Cruise will try to save the planet in “War of the Worlds.”

Brandon Routh will be Superman, Vin Diesel returns for another “XXX” movie, and we’re expected to be excited that Keith Richards will appear in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel.
I seek comfort in knowing the “Shaun of the Dead” is well over 13 million. I know the world is a better place without a fourth “Jurassic Park” film. But what is there really out there?

The movies to look forward to are “Fat Albert” and “Meet the Fockers”?
Let’s face it. We’re in movie hell. Has there ever been a worse time?


As I called Nolan, I didn’t expect to hear him fretting the future of 2-D animation and the successes of Pixar and the Dreamwork’s “Shrek” films. So, while I know there no reasoning with the Andy Lalinos of the world (No, I’m not going to try to pry that overdue Don Bluth video from your hands) there are some pretty good films that the Illustrious Five has subjected me to.

“Lion King 1 ½”: The tale of Timon and Pumba and how it intertwines with the first film. The gags were pretty good and the pacing was fine. Disney released it direct to video and subject us all to “Brother Bear” – who’s running that place?

“Tarzan”: The classic Burroughs story plays well with the awesome soundtrack by Phil Collins. Often sappy for me, but the wife and kids watch this over and over again.

Don’t waste time with “Hunchback of Notre Dame” or “Oliver and Company”. Instead, try “The Emperor’s New Groove” which surprisingly, had some very funny parts.

The failure of 2-D animation is simply the same problem as the rest of Hollywood – the films just stink. The kids watch mostly 2-D films, despite the fact that their favorite list would be comprised mostly with the recent Pixar films.

Look for more 3-D successes (“Cars” and “Robots”) but keep an eye out for the 2-D “Curious George” with Will Ferrell as the Man in the Yellow Hat. I keep my fingers crossed for Don Bluth who’s trying to make the “Dragon’s Lair” film a reality.

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