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PCR #246  (Vol. 5, No. 50)  This edition is for the week of December 6--12, 2004.

"Ocean's Twelve"
 by Mike Smith
"Mandatory Guidance"--You're Not Allowed to See That....Duran Duran coming to the SPT Forum....Paul Weller on VH1 Classic....See-"Saw"...."The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" commentary
 by Andy Lalino
Old Movies....New Comics....Comics Buyer's Guide....New Movies
 by John Lewis
Are You Ready To Shop?....Things That Even Scare Me....Slushpile
 by Brandon Jones
Slip Of The Tongue?
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Goodbye Bayfront Center....I Am Iron Man!...Diamond Dave....Time To Resign, Rummy...Hall Of Shame Commercial....Sith Overkill....List #1....List #2....Meet The Beatles, Part 46
 by Mike Smith
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Not all Fanboys get out much. When I drag Nolan into the mall, he reverts to a kidlike state, in awe of the chaos. So, let’s get out and give you a rundown.

For those of you fortunate enough to still have a comic shop at the corner, check out “Loki #1”. I’m no big fan of Thor, but his brother’s new series has great art from Esad Ribic and collectors are taking notice driving the price up to ten.

Bite ClubAs noted in the John Lewis column, the Alex Ross cover for “Space Ghost #1” may turn your head. I know several collectors who buy comics to display the cover art. Before you scoff, Frank Quitely’s “Bite Club #1” may even appeal to the temperamental fans like Andy Lalino.

Okay, let’s suppose you don’t live near Greenshift or Hooked on Comics. Go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and head straight for the Graphic Novel section. Yes, there is such a section and there is where you will find Neil Gaiman’s “1602” or the latest Akira or the Ultimate Spider-Man collected novels. Even my Mom found them. “Strangers in Paradise”, various Marvel titles and art books – they have a ton of titles to choose from.

HitmanIt’s easier than tracking down the killer Santa Claus issue “Hitman” (#22).


No, Clowns and Carnies are a topic for another day. No, these are the things that will keep the Fanboys groaning and beware: THEY’RE AROUND EVERY TURN.

While it may surprise some Fanboys, the TV section of DVDs continues to grow out of control. Whether it’s the true nostalgia or the freedom to relive classics from the boob tube, one thing is certain – no stone is left unturned. What stopped me in my tracks? The complete first seasons of “Good Times”, “Different Strokes” and “Punky Brewster.” I thought reciting “Mork and Mindy” was bad for society.

Deeper in the mall you’ll see the multitudes of the DVD interactive game Scene It and all of the Monopoly and trivia games. Past the SNL Trivial Pursuit Game and Simpson’s Clue is the Shrek Magic Eightball that says “Stop Bothering Me.” What scares me is that someone thinks this is a good idea?

The booming market of Pop Culture Christmas ornaments has always amazed me. Not that I don’t own a Batmobile, Pink Panther, and Foghorn Leghorn (because I do) but I don’t consider them “collectible.” Now there’s a wall of this crap, featuring a character from “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” as well as athletes and musicians.

One musician I didn’t expect to have an ornament is John Denver, particularly one that “Annie’s Song.” I may never go into a Hallmark store again.

Run kids, we’ll be safer in Spencer’s, or so I thought.

Todd McFarlane Toys are amazingly detailed and sculpted. However, amongst the “Texas Chainsaw” line is Sheriff Hoyt and Old Monty. While Old Monty’s wheelchair is unique, even I was creeped out by the idea. Maybe that Shrek ball isn’t such a bad idea. My daughter seemed enamored with a Felix the Cat purse but I couldn’t adequately explain the cartoon, so we moved on. The return of He-Man, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears – oh God, it’s too much to take.


Anime to hit Cartoon Network: Well, they finally believe their own surveys that ADULTS tune into CN, even more than kids in the waning evening hours. So, look out animation community, January 1st will bring us “Metropolis” with “Cowboy BeBop” and two other Inuyaska projects shortly behind. So if you thought you’d seen the Anime boom, you’ve seen nothing yet.

“Mary Poppins” to hit DVD AGAIN! Let me quote the ad: “First time on DVD”. Except that is a boldface LIE because I have it already. I guess when you throw in a second disc of crap you get to say it is available for the first time. So, pile up a bunch of extras, slap them on a “bonus” disc and re-release that film for the “First time.”

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