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PCR #254  (Vol. 6 No. 5)  This edition is for the week of January 31--February 6, 2005.

"Vera Drake"
 by Mike Smith
Creature Feature Database: Major Update....Exporting Sinbad....Off-Beat Cinema Watch....New Horror/Fantasy
 by Andy Lalino
Megacon: Looking Ahead to Wolfman & Perez, Part 2....Things I Didn’t Know But Probably Should Have....Johnny’s Final Monologue
 by Brandon Jones
The Rondo Goes Global....Masters of Horror Update....Super Bowl....In Memorium
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Oops!...News And Notes....Boldly Going--Away....Baseball Is Now Very Good To Me....Passing On....Uh oh, Marty....Jaws: The Story, Part 4
 by Mike Smith
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Looking Ahead to MegaCon, Part 2

There’s no way to cover everybody, but I think we need to review a few key comic news heading into the MegaCon frenzy.

Ron Marz began in a Siver Surfer Annual #3 back in the early '90s and delivered great runs on Green Lantern and Valiant’s X-O Manowar. He’s worked for both DC & Marvel on different titles but more recently worked for the Odessa based CrossGen and Top Cow. He’s one of the few writers who has a “we hate you” website dedicated to him. Those that attack Marz are probably seeking me out for using “great” to describe his GL, but hey, to steal from Vinnie Blesi, at least he had balls.

Billy Tucci, the writer and creator of Shi, is also expected at MegaCon. Tucci is a former paratrooper and self published the award-winning comic, which is printed in six different languages. There have been talks of optioning Shi to film as Tucci has taken interest in writing, producing and directing film. All interesting topics of discussion.

Brian Pulido, creator of Lady Death, Evil Ernie and Purgatori, comics up the horror fan’s alley, will be on-hand. Never a big fan, but the comics were revolutionizing to the industry. Big-breasted characters can thank Brian for the implants as Lady Death jump started the trend.

Ask David Campiti about that trend, as his work with Al Rio on Exposure raises an eyebrow. I know he worked on the comic book adaptations of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series.

Michael T. Gilbert, the creator of Mr. Monster, also has worked on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. Mr. Monster celebrated a 20th anniversary last year. My favorite of Gilbert’s is a special Superman: Mann & Superman. It truly explores the many facets of the Superman mythology, excellent read.

More next time…

Things I Didn’t Know but Probably Should Have

Porno for a Penny: maybe it’s 12 pornos for just 1 cent, details are still sketchy. Columbia House is launching a porno video club to circulate Playboy videos. The service is called “Hush” and will dip into the $12 billion dollar porn industry. Now, how many of you are still in collections over your outstanding Columbia House bill for CDs or even tapes.

Gallagher was dissed. Comedy Central’s Top 100 list of comedians left Gallagher pissed. He’s sounded off about the “no names” that are ahead of him and how his longevity should count more. He was number 100 by the way, better than the guy at 101.

Johnny’s Final Monologue

The PCR was full of love for the late Johnny Carson and David Letterman gave us one last moving moment on Monday give a monologue comprised entirely of Carson’s jokes. Paris Hilton, Donald Trump’s hair, John Kerry and President Bush were targets for jabs. Johnny wanted to go out on top and Dave made that happen on Monday.

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