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PCR #255  (Vol. 6 No. 6)  This edition is for the week of February 7--13, 2005.

"Finding Neverland"
 by Mike Smith
Neil Gaiman's Return To Comics....Black History Month Notes....Numb3rs vs Murder in Suburbia....Super Bowled....And Now The Couch Potato Super Bowl Commercial Awards
 by Vinnie Blesi
Let's Review: I Killed The Maverick?....More on Mike....Check Your Pocket For Change
 by Brandon Jones
I'm Back....King Kong (Dark Horse Comics)...."The Boogeyman"....Creature Productions: "The Incredible Comic Book Murder" and Film Fest #1
 by John Lewis
Back On The Couch....Rondo Picks Up Steam.... Super Bowl Pooo-bahhh .... Welcomings
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Super Bowl Notes....School House Love....José It Ain't So....Welcome Back....Hello There, Ladies and Gentlemen....Passing On....Jaws: The Story, Part 5
 by Mike Smith
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Let's Review

I killed the Maverick? Mike Smith’s “Oops” in last week's Rant for an error is like a typo compared to the gaff that I made a couple of weeks ago. Through some miscommunication and an email error I said my condolences to the memory of James Garner. Mike, who watches the obituaries closer than I, caught the error. Mr. Garner is still very much alive. I apologize the readers and fellow writers of the PCR.

More on Mike. Since I mentioned Mr. Smith, the uber-Oriole fan. I know Mike’s happy about Sammy Sosa coming to town, but be careful for what you wish for. Since baseball’s focus on steroids began, Sosa’s stats have dwindled and of course, there was the corked bat incident. Lastly, before the final game of the year last season, Sosa was caught on video leaving the park.

So, let’s review the Sosa situation in a few months to see if Mike still thinks Sosa was worth the large salary.

Check your pocket for change. A quarter in fact. More specifically, a Wisconsin quarter that has an extra leaf on the stalk of corn. The errors were first reported by an Arizona coin collector, but does not sound limited to any part of the country. Details are sketchy, but there is a third leaf on the corn, either turned up or down and sells for about $500 on the internet. Yes, now I bet you’re checking your loose change.

Sorry for the short column. Sometimes the day job and personal challenges slow down the PCR contributions.

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