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PCR #259  (Vol. 6 No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 7--13, 2005.

 by Mike Smith
The March Gardening Issue
 by Vinnie Blesi
Debra Hill is Gone....Movie Are Becoming Television....Debbie Rochon and Andy
 by Andy Lalino
The Ultimate Warning....More Abuse Madness...."Revenge of the Sith" trailer
 by Brandon Jones
"The Jacket"....Lizard Battle
 John Lewis
Winter Freeze....Woe Is Me, I Have The Bush Flu....Clint Like Flint
 by Matt Drinnenberg
OK, I'm Hooked....Movie Notes....A Great Voice Silenced....Also Leaving Us....Jaws: The Story, Part 9
 by Mike Smith
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Splash Page

The Ultimate Warning

I don’t want to create utter chaos by attacking John Lewis’s "Creature's Corner" last week, but please beware.

Comics have been moving toward another spiraling downfall that we endured in the '90s. Marvel is again leading the charge with recycled ideas, special appearances and gimmicks. The comments by the “Creature” prove this to be true as he promotes the “never ending stream of new #1s” – warning, warning.

Ultimate Iron ManThe Ultimate universe from Marvel was well received. It is full of nostalgic stories as we “start” over with the various titles. Peter Parker is a dweeb who looks like Ed Furlong and Nick Fury is drawn to nearly twin Samual L. Jackson. I would recommend them with caution as the creativity is very limited, hence my use of “recycling” similar to the Hollywood film efforts.

John’s promotion of the #1s should be a red flag to anyone that remembers and resents to flurry of the '90s which gave us five covers for Jim Lee’s X-Men or Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 which featured different colored covers and polybagged issues “for collectors.”

Truth be told when the “Creature” reveals that is was the chromium cover that “caught his eye.” Are foil covers next week’s review? Readers be warned – if you buy these issues, you are feeding the comic CEOs reasons to keep putting out this garbage and possibly start the trend all over again.

So if you want to enjoy a send up to the traditional Lee and Kirby Marvel issues, the Ultimate universe is fun. They recreate and reintroduce the classic characters and stories but there’s very little original here. If you understand the horrific money-driven '90s of comics, you’ll know to tread cautiously and look away from the bright and shiny covers.

More Abuse Madness

Another Iraqi abuse video has surfaced and this one has a title: “Ramadi Madness.” The soldiers kick one prisoner and use the dead hand of another to wave at the camera.

I don’t really care if they are guilty or not as they should be sent home immediately. I don’t want to hear about context or the emotions of the soldiers because they are guilty – guilty of horrific judgment.

Revenge of the Sith trailer

The trailer is being attached to “Robots” which opens this week. If you boycott animated films like one writer I know, then perhaps you’ll tune into the “O.C.” at 8:00pm Thursday and catch it there. Perhaps not, but note that “Robots” will pull at least 60 million this weekend, so Lucas will get the word out one way or another.

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