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PCR #260  (Vol. 6 No. 11)  This edition is for the week of March 14--20, 2005.

The Ring Two
 by Mike Smith
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 by Brandon Jones
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 by Mike Smith
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Let the “Star Wars” Propaganda Begin

I know I used the “P-word” which should be reserved for pro-government references, but it’s Lucas. Last week was the trailer and I subsequently have been contacted by my alleged Lucasfilm source with plot scripts, inside info etc…and the fevor begins.

The animated “Clone Wars” disc hits store next week and the giant Wal-Mart “Star Wars” celebration signs are going up. I guess we will be subjected to the hype of toy releases, books and more in early April. Don’t forget MGM Studios will begin their “Star Wars” marathon weekends to honor this “last” film.

You may be tossing aside the impact right now, but our very own editor-in-chief looked as if I walked out on “Citizen Kane” when I exited during the trailer playing before “Robots.” I’ve seen it several times and actually watched it wrap up from the back, but he looked like I stole his favorite toy.

It’s the fanboy, dare I say, “Crazed Fanboy”, in us all.

(Well, he didn't "walk out" on it per se, but after we'd been discussing the S.W. trailer for at least two weeks, he got up in the middle of it and left to answer his *!%&$ cellphone, like he couldn't turn it off for the two minutes required?!?! Flummoxed I was, flummoxed. ---Nolan)

Apologies to Garth Ennis

Mega-Con booty brought me a very pleasant surprise as I was able to read a rare issue of Punisher. Garth Ennis is the writer famous for reintroducing the character to the Marvel universe and greatly inspired the mangled mess of a film.

Ennis’ first take was on Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. It just sounds bad, I know. Hence the reason I never gave it much thought. Once the Ennis broke out, this comic soared in price and I’ve never had a chance to read it – until now.


Possible the greatest, definitely one of the greatest one-shot issues since Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke. The premise is outside the traditional stories of the Frank Castle in that, Frank’s family, innocent bystanders, are killed during a superhero-villain conflict. He doesn’t take it well and enacts revenge immediately, which lands him in jail.

Ennis then delivers his genius as he weaves the tale into a backstory of Marvel’s universe. A group of individuals, all injured or maimed during a superhero brawl, have joined to employ Frank to enact vengeance on Marvel’s greatest.

The Punisher bleeds emotions and convictions as he engages his adversaries -- absolutely outstanding! There’s a great ending which sets the tone of Ennis’ style.

I apologize Garth because if I had read this comic years ago, I would have been putting another couple of bucks in your bank account each month. Check out the hardback collections of The Punisher (Barnes & Noble, Borders), look in the back of Volume 1 for this reprint.

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