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PCR #272  (Vol. 6 No. 23)  This edition is for the week of June 6--12, 2005.

"Mr. And Mrs. Smith"
 by Mike Smith
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
 by Peter Card
I'm Back....You Go, Iraqis....Revenge of the Madagascar....Fuel Some Flames
 by Brandon Jones
One of the Great Ones....Who Was The Graduate....Happy Birthday....Where's Matt?...JAWSFEST
 by Mike Smith
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I'm Back

I could pretend I’m re-emerging from some sort of remote lair as “The Creature” does, but reality is disturbing enough. No, the truth is that life is like a giant and my family just got a mouthful – problem is, instead of chocolate, the cake of life is filled with crap and it’s hard to swallow.

Losing a job, losing a loved one, losing a home and losing your dignity aren’t easy for anyone and I wouldn’t wish the last couple of months of our life on anyone.

While it’s a true test of character, I don’t believe in curling up in a ball and feeling sorry for one’s self. Unfortunately, sacrifices have been made and, unlike opinions sometimes, I don’t spend every moment on the PCR and its message boards.

I don’t have the freedoms and luxuries to converse with Nolan as I would like, but my passion has never wavered.

So in closing, thanks for having me back. (Glad to have you back! --N)

You Go, Iraqis

After stating the death toll and the falloff of the last three days, a little “good” leaked in the media this week. For those of you who have forgotten about the war on the opposite side of the globe or you don’t care or…well, nevermind – the Iraqi forces captured about 900 militants.

There was also been about 38 weapons stores raided, but we don’t want to rock any boats here. If you read the quotes regarding charges against Saddam Hussain they include “…alleged war crimes including gassing thousands of Kurds.” -- note, thousands, not hundreds of thousands.

Well, we have a long way to go of course, I mean, isn’t the Iraqi government just a puppet show of US forces and interests who will never be able to govern themselves or police these enemies, sorry, insurgents?

Keep it up Iraqis and you won’t have to be the Puerto Rico’s bitch.

Revenge of Madagascar

Well, for one week, Anakin Skywalker has to take a back seat. The near three-way tie for the top spot left the Dreamworks family film atop of the charts. Of course, George Lucas is crying all the way to the ATM as the US Gross [for SW: Episode III] tops $300 million.

Imagine how embarrassing if the “Sisters of the Traveling Pants” had beat out ‘ole George – isn’t Batman out yet?

Fuel Some Flames

To Andy Lalino: I always tried to support you, but to bail on the PCR the way you have looks as though you no longer need to pimp “Filthy” -- I’d love to get the whole skinny.

Congrats Film Community: The interest and enthusiasm generated has perpetuated the hopes and dreams for NolanCon. While I’m dreadfully disappointed in the Pop Culture aura of Tampa, I’m hopeful that we can pull together to have something truly special in August.

Lastly, goodbye Mrs. Robinson.

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