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PCR #274  (Vol. 6 No. 25)  This edition is for the week of June 20--26, 2005.

"Land of the Dead"
 by Mike Smith
Are You Eating It...Or Is It Eating You?...Shades of Lynch....Early Tv Preview
 by Vinnie Blesi
Hayao Miyazaki and "Howl's Moving Castle"
 by Peter Card
Back....Con-Gort-U-Lations To Will Moriaty for "William Moriaty's Florida"....Dungeons & Dragons Illustrator Dies
 by Andy Lalino
Two Thumbs Down & a Bag of Doritos....Black Rednecks and White Liberals....Fuel Some Flames--Part Deaux
 by Brandon Jones
"Batman Begins"
 by John Lewis
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Cancer....On The Subject....Movie-Going in the 21st Century....Or Maybe It's Just Those Southern Baptists....Oprah, I Hardly Knew Ye....Jaws: The Story, Part 22
 by Mike Smith
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Two Thumbs Down & a Bag of Doritos

The latest on Saddam Hussein if that he misses the Reagan years and loves Doritos. One of the guards says he can devour a family size bag in 10 minutes – anyone seeing a Super Bowl commercial here.

It seems he was fond of Ronald Reagan and says of Clinton as “okay” but both Bush presidents – “no so good” – Gene Siskel would have been proud.

The soldiers said the former tyrant spends his days telling jokes, reading poetry, gardening and smoking cigars.

If that’s the penalty for his murderous regime, I’m surprised the world is as sane as it even seems.

Dammit, dropped my bag of Doritos.

“Black Rednecks and White Liberals”

Thomas Sowell’s new book should rock the pompous elites who claim to be experts on black history, stereotypes of Jews, German and more. Mostly in essay format, Sowell takes an in-depth look as many of our beliefs which continues to fuel the trends, actions and policies of today.

The breakdown on the history of the ghetto culture and the contrast to the black identity is amazing. He attacks the destructive white liberals that consider themselves allies to blacks. He calls for accountability for those deceiving the black community as “brothers” aka Rev. Jackson.

These is a great examination of the Germans, Jewish communities and a look at the black education communities (particular those that develop Martin Luther King Jr. Duke Ellington but now are forced into zoning for attendance.)

Race, economics, communism (a word we are afraid to use these days), immigration – Sowell touches so many things.

Outstanding. Grab a copy is you can put down those Doritos.

Fuel Some Flames – Part Deaux

While you may have duck and cover to avoid Drew Reiber’s boner for the release (God, finally) of Romero’s “Dead” film this week, you have to give him credit for his railing of the mess that is Hollywood.

So, with that said, catch the lawsuits between Marvel/Fox and Sony of copyright issues surrounding a film called “Zoom’s Acedemy.” It’s a story about children with special powers, feared by the government, shunned by society, who developed their skills in a special school.

Sound like a Bryan Singer film I saw awhile ago. Maybe….

Moreover, after announced May 26, 2006 release of “X3”, “Zoom” was moved up nearly 3 months to be released two weeks prior to the X-Men sequel.

Damn these Doritos are good.

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