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PCR #299  (Vol. 6, No. 50)  This edition is for the week of December 12--18, 2005.

The History of Miami International Airport -- Part One
 by Will Moriaty
"King Kong"
 by Mike Smith
Rocky Balboa
 by Mark Terry
Thanks To All....King Kong News of Sorts....Alternate Covers Are Going APE....Monkey Around With The X-Men
 by Brandon Jones
Richard Pryor....It's Awards Time....Jaws: The Story, Part 47
 by Mike Smith
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Thanks to all...

2005 has been tumultuous to say the least. I am thankful to say that the tides of difficult times are changing and my family appears to back on track. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of your support over this time, especially our generous editor-in-chief. Senior discounts aside, our tales of time together doesn’t do justice to Nolan’s kind heart and sincere generosity.

Enough with the sappy crap…

King Kong News of Sorts

Ethan Van Sciver was named the Artist of the Year by Wizard, the main comic guide magazine, so CONGRATS!!! I’m particularly biased as Ethan has been very kind over the last couple of years. I recall telling how I thought the Green Lantern: Rebirth saga was going to be HUGE and well, it was.

It’s great to see doors opening for him at DC and I can’t wait to congratulate him in person. I’ll have to start saving pennies, the price on original work just keeps going up and up.

Alternate Covers Are Going APE

For those of you that are still recovering from the false comic boom of the 90’s instigated by “number one issues” or “gimmick covers” may freaked out by this:

They’re back!

Well, alternate covers that is. DC leads that pack, but there’s plenty to go around. The difference is the distribution of alternate covers are extremely small (some just to comic shops directly) while most offer a tasty choice (i.e. exclusive artwork, a guest artist or a pencil variation of the original)

While the trend slides too much toward collecting rather than reading, the publishers seem to be containing themselves. Just be wary of high prices before researching the “variant” you are holding – some alt covers go into the hundreds!!!

Monkey Around With the X-Men

“X3” news: very disturbing…you’ve been warned. Brett Ratner is taking over for Bryan Singer (currently on “Superman Returns”) and lord help the franchise. Ratner is called a hack in most film circles and frankly, that’s pretty generous.

Let’s add Kelsey Grammar as Beast ---oh, my head is spinning, I’m in hell. One of the most delightful, complex characters in the X-universe and we get Frasier.

Angel will be added which is exciting. Well, Ben Foster (“Six Feet Under”) has signed on and ironically, he’s afraid of heights – portent?

All of the buzz is actually about “not disappointing the fans”... dizzy again. Hugh Jackman has signed on to do a “Wolverine” spin-off.


Chris Clairmont is laughing right now.

Well, let me get some ice. I think there’s a pretty big movie opening this weekend, but I may be wrong. Let me know if you see a commercial or a fast food promo. I wonder why I’m craving a banana split?

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