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PCR #300  (Vol. 6, No. 51)  This edition is for the week of December 19--25, 2005.

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True Christmas Spirit

Depression is so easy to embrace during difficult times. Christmas is always a huge event for the family to rejoice in not only religious traditions but family traditions as well. This year everything has been in jeopardy.

I will admit to having the Clark W. Griswell syndrome and I’m currently suffering from withdraw in a household that doesn’t even have a tree. Humbling to say the least.

In the midst, close family friends, Karen and Dave have donated gifts to my children and Christmas is proceeding well. Their generosity has left us speechless and all I can say is thanks.

On the heals of this news is that of our friends baby, Emma, who was born several months early at just over 2 lbs. She’s doing well after a long arduous hospital stay and came home just in time for Christmas.

Lastly, our nephew who’s been in Afghanistan and Iraq contacted the family and it was magical feeling. While he’s homesick of course, he so courageous and proud of their work that his words give me chills.

The magic in the air continues to bluster – MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

So with that…some early year end notes:

Man of the Year

The debate rages on (and we need a thread on the message board) as the “Top Movie lists” roll out. Of course, “Batman Begins” and “Sin City” won’t be on many of the traditional lists, but screw them – these two films rocked.

So, with that said, Frank Miller is my MOTY. Robert Rodriguez brought “Sin City” to life with amazing style and flair and treated the source material like a storyboard.

Moreover, their co-directorhsip slapped Hollywood in their arrogant mouth and said up-yours to their rules and regulations.

Christopher Nolan revisited the Batman history and brought out Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One for us to see. Not to the level of “Sin City” but Miller’s take on Batman changed not only the title character but comics forever (via Dark Knight Returns). “Batman Begins” delves into the humor of Alfred, the sensibility of James Gordon some of the best Miller Batman in a tight, enjoyable film.

As an added bonus, Miller has joined Jim Lee on a new title Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and the first issue is outstanding.

Biggest Surprise of the Year

Lucas did it.

I read the script about a month or so ahead of the film and my jaw dropped at the line: “…leaving Anakin limbless. Then he burst into flames.”

No way. But how was the Jar Jar loving, making excuses for Ewoks Lucas going to pull this off.

But there it is: “Revenge of the Sith” didn’t disappoint one bit. The emotions were so high that you actually are screaming to Anakin “Don’t do it! Don’t you see what’s going on here?”


Biggest Disappoint of the Year

Can I just say: Marvel.

The “Fantastic Four”, everything that is coming out about “X3”, “Punisher 2” and “Hulk 2” in pre-production !!?!?!?!

The Ultimate Fantastic Four comic sucked me in and now if blows, other than Bendis, most of Marvel’s stuff has been weak at best. I guess it’s just DC’s turn.

I Like Superman?

Okay, early “Smallville” rocked, but I generally speaking never read Superman comics but Grant Morrison has changed that. I got a minor dose when he started the title JLA a couple of years ago, but let me tell you I was impressed with All-Star Superman #1 – outstanding.

The clumsy Clark, the hatred of Lex Luthor, the innocence of Jimmy Olson – short, sweet, compact. Morrison did more in one-issue than 200 Superman comics that I’ve read.

I also caught the “Superman Returns” teaser – Bryan Singer is the man.


Okay I knew and all, but to see the PCR get to 300 is amazing, so let it be said...congrats Nole’! Hope you’re as proud of your accomplishment as we are of you and your sacrifices to make it happen.

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