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PCR #215  (Vol. 5, No. 19)  This edition is for the week of May 3--9, 2004.

Florida’s Commuter Airlines from the 1960s to the 1980s: Part Two
 by William Moriaty
"Van Helsing"
 by Mike Smith
Long Hot Summer Movie Doldrums
 by Andy Lalino
Wacko Jacko Went Down To Texas....Surprise Embargo on Sushi....The Asscroft and Dumbsfield Dept.
 by Vinnie Blesi
And Now I'm Steppin' Into The Twilight Zone....The Monsters Are Here!
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Knew I Wasn't Hallucinating....The Mouse That Gagged....Wish I Was A Jetson....This Game Has Lost Its Balls....Meet The Beatles, Part 15
 by Mike Smith
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Vinnie Vidi Vici by Vinnie Blesi.

Warning: the following contains satirical content and celebrity/political parodies and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Wacko Jacko went down to Texas

In a surprise move last week Michael Jackson fired his legal team and hired Satan as his new counsel. There was no immediate comment from Michael Eisner. Says Jackson, “I want the best lawyer my soul can buy”.

A source close to Jackson said his production company is in negotiations with one of the major networks to develop a weekly reality show, “Michael’s Slumber Party”.

If I were having little boys sleep over at my house, you can bet I’d be someone’s bitch by now in the county jail.

Surprise Embargo on Sushi
In another surprise move, President Bush issued an immediate embargo against all imported sushi, citing the low mercury count. In a White House press conference the President said, “Until these other countries can get their mercury count up in their fish this embargo will continue”. A unidentified spokesperson for the administration suggested that sushi lovers catch their own in a local river or pond located by their nearest power plant.

The Asscroft and Dumbsfield Dept.
It was truly refreshing to see airport security keeping our country safe and free from terrorism when Orlando Intl. Airport security personnel recently detained a 76-pound woman who was undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer. Citing that she did not look like her ID photo, it took 4 days before this national security threat was allowed to board her plane and return to home.

Every time I am at the airport I see security shaking down some 80-year-old woman and rightfully so. The terrorism threat from pissed off elderly people who can’t afford their prescription drugs should not be overlooked.

And when was the last time you saw a bumper sticker that said, “Allah Bless America”?

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