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PCR #225  (Vol. 5, No. 29)  This edition is for the week of July 12--18, 2004.

A Visit to the North Florida Patron Saint of Pop Culture
 by William Moriaty
"I, Robot"
 by Mike Smith
Don't Fear "The Reaper"
 by Andy Lalino
Kerry Gets the Dead Vote....Liberal Financing....Japanese Economy Unveiled....Trickledown Economics....Column Correction
 by Vinnie Blesi
Can You Give me A Helsing OF That?....Bush Speak
 by Matt Drinnenberg
The Automobile Song....Wanted--A Director With No Vision....Passing On....Money Well Spent....Sci-Fi Dumb....Flame On....Meet The Beatles, Part 25
 by Mike Smith
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Vinnie Vidi Vici by Vinnie Blesi.

Warning: the following contains satirical content and celebrity/political parodies and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Kerry Gets the Dead Vote
Presidential candidate John Kerry assured himself of getting the swing votes of the dead with his announcement of John Edward, self-proclaimed psychic who can speak to the dead, as his vice-presidential selection. A spokesperson for the campaign said the Dead vote was critical to the campaign especially in states like Florida with its heavy senior citizen population.

The Bush campaign was undaunted, citing that Dick Cheney has died many times on the operating table during his heart surgeries.

Liberal Financing
I recently drove by a used car lot with a huge banner out front which read, “Liberal Financing”. I guess they only sold economical compact cars.

Japanese Economy Unveiled
A top economic publication is reporting that surprisingly the industry driving the Japanese economy is neither the automobile nor sushi market, but the boom in new construction. Said Ho Chen, a leading Japanese economist, “Every time Godzilla destroys Tokyo, the creation of new jobs in the construction industry is phenomenal.” Mr. Chen also went on to say that the occasional devastation caused by Mothra also helps the situation.

Trickledown Economics
The company I work for has recently said that due to the high price of gas they will no longer pay for car washes for company cars. So now that I won’t be going to the car wash they are going to have to lay off a minimum wage employee. In turn car wash employee X will no longer be able to buy his drugs on the street, thereby making a dent in the black market economy and in turn taking business away from Amscot.

Column Correction
I have just been informed that John Kerry’s running mate is not John Edward, but actually someone named John Edwards. Oh well, there goes the election.

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