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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

Border Security is a War on Terror

How Stupid Are We When It Comes To Government?
Do you know the Bills of Rights? About seventy-five percent of us would say yes and list all of the ones we try and remember, but that list of rights we remember is getting shorter and shorter. Did you know more Americans remember stupid stuff like The Simpsons more then the American Bill of Rights or even who the government is supposed to work for? How sad is that?

If this disturbs you maybe you ought to brush up on the the old Bill of Rights and the actually read the Declaration of Independence, two very important documents and ones that are the foundation of this country and our government. A government that is no longer for the people and by the people.

Tell me, do see bricklayers or blue collar career men in the government? No, all you see are rich fat cats who are too busy making a world where they can live in five-story mansions and have lower-class individuals as their slaves.

Things have gotten worse since Bush, Jr. first entered office. It started small. Can we really remember the first problems that started the dislike of Bush? It all started with a small problem with immigration and our dirt poor freinds to the south in Mexico. This problem we have so far overlooked is now starting to show back up. The president of Mexico and King Dubya are meeting this week (as I write this) for a speech on immigration in, where else, but Cancun, Mexico, not in Mexico City or one the small cities but in a resort city. That way they can dupe you, the Average Joe, into thinking that, oh, Mexico looks nice, well I got news for you my friend. Before you even start hearing the truth about Mexico you need to realize that the United States can no longer play life preserver to the rest of the world--we tried that in the Clinton years in Bosnia and in Africa half a world away, and each time we have achieved nothing. It's time America backs out of the world-saving gig and focuses on border security with Mexico.

At first glance, Mexico is pictured as a desert vacation spot with lovely beaches and ancient ruins, but in truth, those places are surrounded by hundreds of millions of people living in ghettos of tin sheds and garbage dumps drinking sewage and selling anything and everything they can get their hands on for food or drugs to try and leave this world. Those people are the innocents. Then there are the criminals who come across our borders carrying drugs or hiding it in drug mules they sneak across the border into our country.

Why does this continue? I'll tell you why: the number one drug out of Mexico is weed, marijuana, you know that harmless drug that sixty percent of our country is smoking. Do not be embarassed, it's OK. Hell, I have a very European view on it; I think we should do what Amsterdam has done and make it legal. But right now, that twenty-five dollars or fifty-dollars you spend is going back to these smugglers and even corrupt Mexican officals who start the chain of events all over again. The drug mules stay here and start new lives or are paid to go and start the whole process over again.

Life is cheap out there but here we are all too busy in the pursuit of life and freedom that we never try and take a look out our windows and wonder "are our borders safe?"

Well I can tell you this much...all across the American southwest, an area of fifty to seventy miles away from the United States and Mexico border, there are people carrying guns and even being raped and killed by criminals or by South Americans who are coming into this country for potential attacks on America. Have we forgotten the whole South American drug war we fought in the eighties? A lot of them have become terrorists who hope by striking against America that they can prove to themselves and their ex-customers that they are just as ruthless as they were then.

I once heard that the number-one duty of a country is to secure its borders to ensure the people's safety. But in today's age of "we got the bomb", I think we have forgotten just because you have the end-all-be-all weapon doesn't mean that you can use it and our eneimes know that. So what have they done, they've gone underground among the innocent in third world countries where they can build networks and crawl into our country one or two members a month, await for their orders to come and destroy and terrorize us all.

But do not forget this is not the only problem we are having. The illegal immigrants that come here and find jobs doing things we Americans claim we will not do, are sending fifty to seventy-five percent of their money they make here home, stealing money out our economy. Imagine this as a way of picturing it: a new school is going to be built, but every day, someone steals two or three hundred dollars out of the fund and over a year that school fund is missing a lot of cash needed for our children. Or the fund to repair roads. Or, hell, even get honest people elected.

It's time we as Americans start taking a closer look at the people around us. I can point out twenty-five to thirty illegal immigrants that come into my work place alone every day. Every time I say something about it, people look at me like I am talking crazy, but maybe you, my fellow Americans, will not.

I beseach you to please vote against anything or any group that helps these illegal aliens; that includes any Hispanic organizations that will not address or speak about immigration issues as American citizens.

Do not ask what you can do for the fat cats in Washington or what they can do for you, ask what can I do as a American to help my children or my neighbors. I want everyone to remember this phrase in the next two weeks and when you think you know it, then meet with other and discuss it, and then let's act on it.

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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