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PCR #319  (Vol. 7, No. 18)  This edition is for the week of May 1--7, 2006.

"Mission: Impossible: III"  by Mike Smith
Illegal Immigrant Day....New Orleans Jazz Festival....Visa The New Green Card?  by Joshua Montgomery
Mission: Impossible....I Didn't Mean Me!...Day Without Immigrants...OK, Now I Understand....Hey, Who Do I Have To Sleep With...Movie Notes....My Favorite Films -- Part 18: "E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial"  by Mike Smith
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The Black Dog Bites Back: From the Book of Joshua

Immigrant Troubles

Illegal Immigrant Day
My fellow legal and born Americans this article will not be posted in time to make a more timely comment about May 1st's "every illegal alien supporting traitors will be on strike day" to try and make us think that the illegals among us are supporting our economy. I have this scalding response to this, yes these illegal aliens are filling jobs so fast that born citizens have to find other places to work. Often in unsatisfactory jobs. I call on you, my fellow Americans, to harass our governor and our senator. To draw his attention to our outrage over this event or planned events. This is the one great chance we have my friends to stop this projected downward slide in to a over populated non-English speaking nation. I support a multicultural America but there must be a limit to immigration. If we allow our government to grant them any privileges we will be spitting in the blue-collar citizens of America the backbone of our country. I will scream traitor at any citizen who flies another nations flag over this great nations or wears any clothing that shows favor to any nation that does nothing to stop the illegal flow of immigration. I want to know if anyone is willing to hold a rally or a public gathering to draw more people to the cause of stopping illegal aliens. I have also noticed that right now many of our writers are up in arms with each other over the nature of our government I say this to you my friends “think of Mr. Franklin”. We must not attack each other verbally, but calmly discuss politics and policies without using mean-spirited words and phrases. Politics is a conversation topic of gentlemen and that is what I am calling all of you to be. I am not going to name any names. In this call I will admit that I apologize for using any incriminating phrases against our leaders or against individuals.

New Orleans Jazz Festival
In better news, the New Orleans Jazz Festival has once again opened so in respect I want you all raise a beer to the rising spirits of the city of partying. But there is still much to be done for the city of New Orleans and to cross topics. I believe that if any illegal aliens want to honestly try to make reprimands for breaking our laws should be willing to give up time and money to rebuild the devastated area of the gulf coast only then should we consider them worthy of becoming citizens.

Visa the New Green Card?
I have also heard so very intelligent people talking about turning the green card and social security card system over to companies like Visa who has invested millions into preventing identify theft. Why has our government let the system which is designed to keep the American economy in America, failed us so much. I believe that some new way needs to be designed to keep illegal aliens from getting jobs and spending any of the money they gain from swindling or being hired by uncaring employers on addictive substances such as cigarettes and beer or liquor. And requiring anyone who wants to send money to their homelands have a green card and be a legal citizen for ten years and have paid all back taxes to the government during the time they where illegal. These are just a few ideas if you have more write me a letter and I will answer you questions or seething hate mail.

Glass Walker Signing out,
Black Dog
Black Spiral Dancer

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