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PCR #316  (Vol. 7, No. 15)  This edition is for the week of April 10--16, 2006.

Scary Movie 4  by Mike Smith
Why A New Column?....The Back Page  by Vinnie Blesi
On Tampa Indie Film....Fuji Eterna vs Kodak Vision II  by Mark Terry
Happy Easter....Read Any Good Movies Lately?....They Write The Songs....My Favorite Films -- Part 15: "Caddyshack"  by Mike Smith
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CITIZEN X by Vinnie B.

Why a New Column?
A couple of years ago I was graciously invited by Nolan B. Canova to start writing a column of TV commentary for PCR, “Couch Potato Confessions”. However, due to the circumstances in the World situation as well as my own personal conflictions, the two readers of my column may have noticed long ago that Couch Potato has not been about television for quite a while. While cute and enamoring as the Couch Potato name is, it no longer justified what I want to write about.

What I hope to create with “Citizen X” is a column that moves back to the core values of PCR; Commentary and opinions on pop culture and politics and how they affect real people in real life. Yes the millions of nameless faceless “Citizen X’s” that you see everyday; walking down the street, or waiting in the doctor’s office or even the nameless people you work with that you rarely give a damn about, even though they are going through the same suffering and problems of us all.

I will be staying away from straight pop culture reviews, instead focusing on how pop culture moments are affecting the common populous and shaping our political, world and spiritual views.

Of course it would not be a column by me, if there were not a dash of sarcastic parody thrown it. So be warned now. Because occasionally when you are cooking you accidentally dump the whole bottle of sarcasm into your parodical meal. As Elvis Costello said: “Accidents will Happen”.

The Back Page
While perusing the back page of ads of a local free newspaper it struck me what a microcosm of our society these unsorted ads represented. To escape our society multiple ads offered prescriptions for MEDS, focusing on pain relief, ie vicoden, oxycodinin, and other opiate pain relievers. While you are hopped up on these legal drugs you can also get a tattoo, or if you change you mind, there are ads for laser tattoo removal, as well as total hair removal, to make your body a hairless paradise.

While you are driving under the influence, there are ads to help you there too, Ads that quote “Arrested, DUI”, can help you. Of course if you want to sue, there are personal injury lawyers with ads there too to help you on you way to your own personal lotto.

If you find you have had enough of your legal MEDS, there are of course ads for “Detox Services” and “Addicted to Opiates”. Of course once you are clean and you find out that you have spent all your life savings, there are ads for bankruptcy (and divorce, just in case you lost your spouse too).

So you find yourself, hairless, tattooless, bankrupt and divorced, but there is hope. There are ads for personal improvement opportunities such as: “Human Billboard” and “Little People Wanted for Promotion”.

And people say the newsprint medium is dead. Newspapers are not dead, they are just bird cage fodder.

Coming soon: MySpace: Why it is not really your space. The Internet: The Government's Ultimate spying tool. Wal-Mart: Sucks up to yuppies with Organics. Citizen X: State of the Union Address.

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