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La Floridiana by Will Moriaty
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    PCR #311  (Vol. 7, No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 6--12, 2006.

The Tampa Bay Watershed and It's Importance To You -- Part Two....In Other News... by William Moriaty
"Failure To Launch" by Mike Smith
The Inspirational Couple....The Last Stand....And the Oscar goes to the IRS?...The Bottom 100 by Brandon Jones
Gasparilla Art Fest/Booty Art Expo....The Heaven and Hell Car by Vinnie Blesi
Lot Going On....Oscars....24....Live Evil Is In Full Production by Mark Terry
Another Sad Week....Those Whacky Oscars....Hope He Looks Good In A House Coat....My Favorite Films -- Chapter 10: "Boogie Nights" by Mike Smith
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William Moriaty's Florida
More tales from "La Floridiana" await you in "William Moriaty's Florida"! For more information simply click the book cover above!

The Tampa Bay Watershed and Its Importance To You -- Part Two

Chances are extremely good that if you live in Hillsborough or Pinellas Counties, Florida even everyday habits that you conduct can have negative effects on Tampa Bay. Such habits would include over fertlizing your lawn and garden, the unwarranted overuse of pesticides, the tossing of litter onto the streets, driving vehicles that leak oil or gasoline, allowing soaps, detergents and other chemicals to wash down storm drains, all of these can have detrimental effects on the water quality and healt of the fuana and flora dependent upon Tampa Bay. If you don't think you live near a water body that contributes to Tampa Bay, just takle a look at the partial listing below.

1. The Tampa Bay Watershed
The Tampa Bay Watershed contains the entire area where water running across the land inevitably empties into the water body known as Tampa Bay. This watershed encompasses Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsbororough, Polk and Pasco Counties. The Tampa Bay Watershed is composed of three distinct watersheds or sub-basins: The Lower Tampa Bay Watershed; The Middle Tampa Bay Watershed, and; the Upper Tampa Bay Watershed. The watershed for Tampa Bay encompasses over 2,200 square miles, and is home to over 2,000,000 people. The Tampa Bay water body itself is over 400 square miles and has three primary ports: The Port of Tampa (Hillsborough County), the Port of St. Petersburg (Pinellas County) and Port Manatee (Manatee County).

A short description of the shoreline boundaries of each of the three watersheds is given, followed by a detailed look at each of the known or identified water bodies that contribute to each of the three specific watersheds. This is done starting at the end and working backward. For instance, Pemberton Creek starts life from ground water flowing into it in East Hillsborough County west and slightly north of Plant City. It then empties into Baker Creek, which then flows into Lake Thonotosassa. Lake Thonotosassa then pops off into the Flint Creek that then flows into the Hillsborough River. The Hillsborough River then flows into Hillsborough Bay that comprises the Upper Tampa Bay Watershed. To understand below the path that the system takes, please read the example below:

3. Upper Tampa Bay Watershed
A description of the watershed is given below.
Primary water bodies and their contributors:
A. Old Tampa Bay:
Followed by a listing of its water bodies.
B. Hillsborough Bay: ...Hillsborough River (PA, HI) Flint Creek (HI), Lake Thonotosassa (HI), Baker Creek (HI), and Pemberton Creek (HI):

Counties that the water body travels through or derives its water from are listed like this: "Hillsborough River (PA, HI)".

County Symbols:
SA-Sarasota: MA-Manatee: HI-Hillsborough: PO-Polk: PA-Pasco

Now Let's See Where You Fit in to the Tampa Bay Watershed!

1. Lower Tampa Bay Watershed (SA, MA, PI, HI)
The Lower Tampa Bay Watershed begins at Tampa Bay's entrance at the Gulf of Mexico. Its western shoreline begins on the south shore of Ft. De Soto Park in Pinellas County and proceeds northward to the southeast tip of Pinellas Point in St. Petersburg. Its eastern shore line begins in Manatee County on the east shore of Anna Maria Key and Holmes Beach and proceeds northward to the Hillsborough-Manatee County line. It also includes the eastern shoreline of Egmont Key. There are two primary water bodies in the Lower Tampa Bay Watershed: Terra Ceia Bay and Boca Ciega Bay.
Primary water bodies and their contributors:
A. Terra Ceia Bay (SA, MA):
Manatee River (SA, MA), and Braden River (SA, MA)
B. Boca Ciega Bay (PI): Meximo Channel (PI), and Frenchman's Creek (PI): Clam Bayou (PI), Little Lake Maggiore (PI) and Lake Maggiore (PI): Passe-A-Grill Channel (PI): Blind Pass (PI): Bear Creek (PI): Cross Bayou (PI), Joe's Creek (PI), Cross Bayou Canal (PI): Long Bayou (PI), Lake Seminole (PI), and Lake Seminole Bypass Canal (PI).

2. Middle Tampa Bay Watershed (MA, PI, HI)
The Middle Tampa Bay Watershed begins its western shoreline at the southeast tip of Pinellas Point in St. Petersburg and proceeds northward to Christmas Pass adjacent to Weedon Island, all in Pinellas County. The eastern shoreline begins at the Hillsborough-Manatee County line and proceeds northward to Big Bend, all in Hillsborough County. It also includes the entire southern shoreline of Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa. There is one primary water body in the Middle Tampa Bay Watershed: the Little Manatee River.
Primary water bodies and their contributors:
A. Little Manatee River (MA, HI):
Ruskin Inlet Marsh (HI), Mill Bayou (HI), Hayes Bayou (HI), Bolster Bayou (HI), Cypress Creek (HI), Dug Creek (HI), Alderman Creek (HI), Carlton Creek (HI), Howard Prarie Branch (HI), Marsh Branch (HI), Pierce Branch Creek (HI), Wildcat Creek (HI), Curiosity Creek (MA, HI), Carlton Branch Creek (HI), South Fork Little Manatee River (MA, HI), Middle Lake (HI), North Lake (HI), Simmons Lake (HI), South Lake (HI), Swan Lake (HI), Lake Wedgewood (HI), Blue Gill Lake (HI), Carlton Lake (HI), Cedar Lake East (HI), Lake Cedar (HI) and Lake Wimauma (HI):
Other Contributors:
Little Bayou (PI): Lake Catalina (PI) and Coronado Lake (PI): Big Bayou (PI): Bayboro Harbor (PI), Booker Creek (PI), Salt Creek (PI), Lake Maggiore (PI), Lynn Lake (PI), and Stephenson's Lake (PI): Coffee Pot Bayou (PI): Smack's Bayou (PI): Placido Bayou (PI): Bayou Grande (PI): Riviera Bay (PI), Sunlit Cove (PI), and Sawgrass Lake (PI): Christmas Pass (PI): Cockroach Bay (MA, HI), Cockroach Creek (HI), Curiosity Creek (MA, HI), and Andrews Creek (HI): Little Cockroach Bay (HI): Hunter Pass (HI): Wolf Branch: Noona Branch (HI): Big Bend (HI)

3. Upper Tampa Bay Watershed (PI, HI, PO, PA)
The Upper Tampa Bay Watershed's western shoreline begins at Christmas Pass next to Weedon Island and proceeds northward to the southern shores of Safety Harbor, all in Pinellas County. The eastern shoreline begins at Big Bend and proceeds northward in an arc including McKay Bay, and the entire western shoreline of Hillsborough Bay, all in Hillsborough County. It also includes the entire eastern shore of Old Tampa Bay in Tampa starting at Picnic Island Park, and arcs northward until it wraps around to the southern shoreline of Safety Harbor in Pinellas County. There are two major water bodies in the Upper Tampa Bay Watershed: Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay.
Primary water bodies and their contributors:
A. Old Tampa Bay (PI, HI):
Christmas Pass (PI): Master's Bayou (PI): Snug Harbor (PI): Big Island Gap (PI): Cross Bayou Canal (PI): Long Branch Creek (PI) and Swan Lake (PI): Largo Inlet (PI), Allen's Creek (PI) and Keene Lake (PI): Cooper's Bayou (PI): Alligator Lake (PI) and Alligator Creek (PI): Safety Harbor (PI), Possum Branch (PI), Lake Tarpon Outfall (PI), South Cove (PI), Brooker Creek (HI, PI), Lake Tarpon (PI), and Salmon Bay (HI): Mobbly Bay (PI, HI), Moccasin Creek (PI) and Mobbly Bayou (PI); Double Branch Bay (HI), Double Branch Creek (HI), Dick Creek (HI), Will's Pond (HI), Channel A (HI), Rocky Creek (HI), Channel G (HI), Turtle Creek (HI), Lake Armistead (HI), Rock Lake (HI) Lake Josephine (HI), Turkey Ford Lake (HI), Brushy Creek (HI), Sweetwater Creek (HI), Lake Lipsey (HI), Lake Ellen (HI), White Trout Lake (HI), Henry Street Outfall (HI), Horizon Lake (HI), and Egypt Lake (HI); Pepper Mound Creek (HI): Fish Creek (HI): Culbreath Bayou (HI): John Branch (HI), Gun Branch (HI): Redfish Branch (HI): Brooker Creek Contributor Lakes (all in Hillsborough County): Lake Alice, Lake Artillery, Lake Breckenridge, Buck Lake, Calm Lake, Church Lake, Dead Lady Lake, Echo Lake, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Eva, Lake Faye, Lake Francis, Garden Lake, Lake Gibson, Horse Lake, Island Ford Lake, Lake Jackson, Lake James, Lake Jewell, Juanita Lake, Keystone Lake, Little Lake, Lake Loney, Lake Martha, Mound Lake, Rainbow Lake, Lake Raleigh, Rogers Lake, Sunset Lake, Lake Taylor, Velburton Lake, Lake Westana and Lake Wood. Double Branch Contributor Lakes (all in Hillsborough County): Lake Fairy, Glass Lake, Lake Grace, Hixon Lake, Lake Julia, Marlee Lake and Lake Williams. Sweetwater Creek Contributor Lakes (all in Hillsborough County): Lake Albright, Avis Lake, Bay Lake, Bird Lake, Boat Lake, Lake Carroll, Lake Casey, Lake Catherine, Cedar Creek, Citrus Park Lake, Deer Creek, Lake Deubell, Lake Dorothy, Lake Elaine, Ellen Lake, Lake Ellen, Lake Estes, Fleur de Lis, Lake Jenette, Gass Lake, George Lake, Hunters Lake, Lake Magdalene Outfall, Lake Lipsey, Little Lake, Long Lake, Lord Lake, Lake Madalene, Lake Newlands, North Lake, Pico Pond, Lake Platt, Lake Rocket, Lake Senac, Sloan Lake, Lake Stall, Stillwater Lake, West Lake, White Trout Lake and Lake Wilford. Rocky Creek/Brushy Creek Contributor Lakes (all in Hillsborough County): Lake Allen, Lake Barbara, Lake Brant, Lake Brown, Chapman Lake, Lake Charles, Cypress Lake, Lake Darby, Deer Lake, Dosson Lake, Great Lake, Half Moon Lake, Lake Harvey, Heather Lake, Lake Helen, Hobbs Lake, Josephine Lake, Lake Joy, Lake Leila, Lake Leclaire, Little Deer Lake, Little Halfmoon Lake, Little Lake Wilson, , Long Sun Lake, Lake Mary Lou, Lake Merry, Lake Merrywater, Myrtle Lake, Lake Nancy, Lake Norbert, Oakley Lake, Pearl Lake, Lake Place, Polite Lake, Pretty Lake, Lake Reinheimer, Rock Lake, Round Lake, Lake Ruth, Saddlebrook Lake, Sapphire Lake, Lake Sproul, Starvation Lake, Starvation Lake West, Strawberry Lake, Lake Sunrise, Taylor Lake, Thomas Lake, Lake Thorpe, Van Dyke Lake, Lake Virginia, Lake Zambito and Lake Zelma.
B. Hillsborough Bay (HI, PO, PI): Garrison Channel (HI): Ybor Channel (HI): Seddon Channel (HI): Hillsborough River (HI, PA), Hamilton Creek (HI), Joel's Hole Springs (HI), Purity Springs (HI), Sulphur Springs (HI), Harney Canal (HI), Cow House Slough (HI), Holloman's Branch (HI), Cypress Creek (HI, PA), Lutz Lake (HI), Burrell Lake (HI), Trout Creek (HI, PA), Thirteen Mile Run (HI), Crystal Springs (PA), Itchepackesassa Creek (HI), Two Hole Branch Creek HI), New River (HI), Blackwater Creek (HI), Tampa By-Pass Canal (HI), Clay Gully Creek (HI), Flint Creek (HI), Lake Thonotosassa (HI), Baker Creek (HI), Pemberton Creek (HI), Lake Hooker (HI), Middle Valrico Lake (HI), Valrico Lakes (HI), Lake Weeks (HI), Moore Lake (HI), Shangri-La Lake (HI), Mill Creek (HI), Spartman Creek (HI): Campbell Branch (HI), New River (HI), Bassett Creek (HI, PA), Big Ditch Creek (HI) and Indian Creek (HI, PA): East Bay (HI), McKay Bay (HI), Palm River (HI), Tampa By-Pass Canal (HI), Six Mile Creek (HI), East Lake (HI), June Lake (HI), Mango Lake (HI), Lake McAteer (HI), Mead Lake (HI), Wee Lake (HI), Lake Oreva and Lake Woodbury (HI): Delaney Creek (HI), Archie Creek (HI), North Archie Creek (HI), Lake Chapman (HI), Gornto Lake (HI), Hendricks Lake (HI), Lake Kathy (HI) and Tenmile Lake (HI): Alafia River (PO, HI), Turkey Creek (HI), Bell Lake (HI), Fishhawk Creek (HI), Little Fishhawk Creek (HI), Lithia Springs (HI), Buckhorn Creek (HI), Buckhorn Springs (HI), Rice Creek (HI), Jerry Pond (HI), Alderman Ford (HI), English Creek (PO, HI), Poley Creek (PO, HI), Horton Creek (PO, HI), Howell Branch Creek (HI), Grassy Creek (HI), North Prong Alafia River (HI), South Prong Alafia River (HI), Bell Creek (HI), Chito Branch (HI), Doe Branch Creek (HI), Hurrah Creek (HI), Jerry Pond Creek (HI), Lake Branch Creek (HI), Lew's Branch Creek (HI), Little Alafia River (HI), McCollough Branch Creek (HI), Mizello Creek (HI), Owen's Branch Creek (HI), Pelleham Branch Creek (HI), Pollard Branch (HI), Rice Creek (HI), Thirtymile Creek (HI), Boyette Springs (HI), Boggy Creek (HI), Boggy Branch (HI), Hall's Branch Creek (HI), Fantasia Lake (HI), Lake Grady (HI), Hickory Hammock Lake (HI), Hurrah Lake (HI), Hutto Lake (HI), Pelleham Branch Creek (HI) and Brown's Lake (HI). Bullfrog Creek (HI), Little Bullfrog Creek (HI), Wolf Branch Creek (HI): Hog and Hominy Cove (HI): The Kitchen (HI), Kitchen Branch (HI): Big Bend (HI):

Next Week a short summary on the things you can do to help Tampa Bay will be discussed. Another great resource on tampa bay to visit is Tampa Bay Watch at http://www.tampabaywatch.org/ ______________________________________________________________________

In Other News...

Weird Florida Online Fan Club

Reaching 4000 from Jacksonville to Pensacola to Key West
Online Coordinators: Lisa Sanchez Lynn Gilbert
Visit Weird-Florida.com

A Recapping February.
On Saturday Feb 11th, Charlie took Weird Florida to the State Fair in Tampa where he and Susan Thompson did a remote broadcast direct from the gala midway over WTAN radio in Clearwater. But the biggest event last month was the super jam-packed Megacon sci-fi and comic book convention in Orlando. Charlie Carlson and Weird Florida were sponsored by the Graveyard Shift Radio show, WTAN, and appeared there with the Golden Goddess of Ghosts, Susan Thompson, Florida's most publicized medium. During the three day show, Charlie did nine interviews with sci-fi radio shows and magazines, and one filmed interview with PBS television, channels 24 and 15. He tells us that he signed over a thousand autographs and met hundreds of Weird Florida friends from all over the state, and one fan from Chicago. Check out the Megacon report on Nolan's Pop Culture Review http://www.crazedfanboy.com/index.php On the 16th Charlie did a half hour show on the "Taste For Travel" on WTSU in Stuart, Florida and wrapped up the month on the 28th doing two hours on Florida's leading paranormal talk show, Magick Mind Radio with Dr. Ed Craft and co-host, Scott Marlowe of the Pangea Institute. Visit the Magick Mind website.

Weird Florida & the Master of the Weird are featured on a 39 cent U.S. Postage Stamp. These are genuine postage stamps that are being offered as a rare collectable to Weird Florida fans for a donation of 4 dollars to an environmental organization, ECARD, which fights against growth and development to save our natural resources and wildlife habitat. For a four dollar donation you get an uncancelled stamp and an official Weird U.S. metal pin that says "Show Me Your Weird." For fans who want one of these unique stamps just send 4 bucks, cash, check, money order, to

ECARD, c/o Charlie Carlson Productions,
P.O. Box 2684
New Smyrna Beach FL 32170.

Three more stamps are planned for future issue, one being Florida's first Skunk Ape postage stamp and two others which will reflect unusual subjects from the popular best selling Weird Florida book. Collect all four by getting started with your first one and remember, all funds go toward protecting our natural resources through ECARD Inc., a non-profit 501C organization fully registered with the State of Florida. There is a limit of 4 stamps per person to insure a fair distribution. Thanks & Credit to our fan Candice in Central Florida who engineered the idea of a Weird Florida postage stamp.

The long awaited Hunt For the Devil DVD video is ready!! You can check out a preview clip of this hellish video at www.spookhunters.com. Lisa and I have seen this one hour video and it is awesome!! As stated, you'll either die laughing or it will scare you to death!! Hunt For the Devil is based on the legend of the Devils Chair as appears in the Weird Florida book and features a cast which includes hosts, Owen Sliter and Diana McCreight, along with Charlie Carlson, Susan Thompson and Brooke Haber. This is really worth watching and once you see the clip on spookhunters you will want to get your own DVD. It's HOT and you can order direct from spookhunters.com before the DVD hits the stores. Just remember, some things are best left alone...so order it if you dare!! www.spookhunters.com

Matt Coplan's BMX Weird Florida Bike Tour
across Florida begins this month. Riders from California, New Jersey, Florida and the United Kingdom will be visiting weird places mentioned in Weird Florida. They will meet the Master of the Weird in person at 4 PM on March 13th at the Visitors Center on SR44 in New Smyrna. Charlie will treat all the riders to dinner and after sundown they will partake of the New Smyrna Beach Historical Ghost Tour where they will meet the Mistress of Mystery and Mediumship, Madame Susan Thompson.

Coming up April 30th, it's the Annual Florida Collectables & Vintage Memorabilia Show at the historic colesium in St. Petersburg. Weird Florida will be there along with all kinds of kitschy Florida fun from antiques to art, to who-knows-what...including some of the original Highwaymen in person. Among the Florida writers you'll meet, will be William Moriaty author of William Moriaty's Florida and La Floridiana on Nolan's Pop Culture Review. This is a show not to be missed, especially if you are a true Floridian! So mark your calendars now!

This just in. Charlie will take Weird Florida to the Cinco de Mayo festival in Winter Haven on May 5th, of course. We will pass along more details in next month's newsletter. We also hear a rumor that Ripley's Believe it or Not will begin carrying Charlie's Weird Florida book. We also here that two of Charlies photographs will be appearing in the London based "NUTS" magazine. One might expect Charlie to be in a magazine called "NUTS." Did you see the three page interview with Charlie in Ghost Magazine? It was great. We hear he might be in the next issue too. The grapevine has Weird Florida at 70,000 books sold, but we can't confirm this, we know it has exceeded 60,000 since April 2005.

We hate to end on a sad note, but Lisa and Lynn of the fan club are heartbroken that Charlie's 14-year-old boxer, Bubba James, passed away of cardiac arrest on Feb 19th. Bubba was a giant boxer weighing over 100 pounds, and is mentioned in the dedication of the Weird Florida book and served as a character dog in Ashley's Shadow. We all loved Bubba and will miss him dearly, but we hear his spirit has already been seen, so he is still with us.

Until Next Time, this is Lisa & Lynn saying "keep it weird!"

TampaBayMuse.com March Newsletter

Promoting Art and Culture in Tampa Bay one link at a time. Support Local Art!

This newsletter is intended as a public service to highlight monthly cultural happenings in the Tampa Bay area. Tampabaymuse.com is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed. For a complete schedule visit www.tampabaymuse.com

Arggh! Sheik Your Art Booty!
We will have exclusive video coverage of The Gasparilla Art Festival on the tampabaymuse web page starting March 6th.

Also happening Saturday night at the Cuban Club in Ybor City is SENSORY OVERLOAD! A Festival of Extra-Sensory Proportions. Showcasing the Bay Area's Finest Art, Music, Food, Film, Fashion, Dance, Theatre and More.

Film Events
The Studio@620 presents "SunScreen Film Festival Fundraiser", a wine tasting and silent auction at the Studio to benefit the SunScreen Film Festival that will take place in May. A few of the items included in the silent auction are; works of art by local artists, Reno Beach surf shop gift certificate, $50 from Oyster bar, $50 from Z Grille, a box of cigars from Central Cigar, Vinoy package, Tranquility Day Spa package, Shakolad chocolate basket, Independent Beer Baar unlimited tab for one for a night, and two personal training sessions and a three month trial membership to City Gym. The fundraiser will be March 3, 2006 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. The location is 620 First Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida.

The next Tampa Film Review, presented by 1 Day Films, will be held on Friday, March 10 from 8 - 10 p.m. at International Bazaar, located at 1600 E. Eighth Ave. in the Centro Ybor Complex. Tampa Film Reviews is a monthly showcase of local independent films and is held every second Friday of the month and is free.

Something Different
Legendary hard rock/avant garde guitarist Buckethead is making a rare live appearance in Downtown St. Pete, Tuesday March 14th at The Tamiami Lounge@Jannus Landing. Check out his craziness at: http://www.bucketheadland.com. Maybe you can figure out why he wears a mask and a bucket on his head.

Local Theater
Gorilla Theatre: March 2-19, 2006
The Florida west coast premiere of The Last Five Years is coming to the Gorilla Theatre. This truly wonderful show was named one of Time magazine's top 10 shows of 2001, and Jason Robert Brown took home Drama Desk Awards for both Best Music and Best Lyrics.

Jobsite Theater at Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center: Jobsite continues their 2005 2006 with Edward Albee’s controversial The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, which swept all the major theatrical awards for best new play in New York in the 2001 – 2002 season and was also nominated for the Pulitzer that same year (which Topdog/Underdog won). The Goat plays March 23 – April 9 in the Shimberg Playhouse at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, where Jobsite is resident theater company.

Art Galleries
Covivant Gallery
4906 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, 33603
Exhibition: The Fluff Constructivists: Frontiers at Dawn
Duration: March 18-April 9, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 25, 7pm -- 11pm
Admission: $5
Gallery hours: Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Bad Girls of Bad Art
March 11, 2006 - April 2, 2006
Opening reception March 11, 2006; 7pm -- til Midnight
Kama Gallery 2929 N 15th St. Tampa, FL 33605

Web Page News
Please join us in welcoming Layla Byrd to the TampaBayMuse team. Layla is a local writer and a loyal supporter of the Bay Area arts and music scene and will serve as our new Event Calendar Administrator. She is also the moderator of the local Myspace group, Art Whores of Tampa Bay and her favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants.

TampaBayMuse is now on myspace, www.myspace.com/tampabaymuse. Come stalk us, please!

For the complete event schedule go to www.tampabaymuse.com.

The Latest On Florida Photographer Clyde Butcher

Clyde will be having his annual Venice Gallery and Studio Open House March 11 & 12, 2006. This is a time that Clyde is able to give slide lectures on his latest projects and give darkroom tours of the behind scenes of making his large format photographs.

Clyde, once again is involved with Elam Stoltzfus in another adventure: a PBS documentary, traveling exhibit, book and music CD about the Apalachicola River Basin. The tremendous success of his previous project, Living Waters~ Aquatic Preserves of Florida, inspired this second major project Apalachicola River ~ An American Treasure.

Published in 2006 - Apalachicola River ~ An American Treasure consists of photographs taken while Clyde was working on the PBS documentary with Elam Stolzfus of Live Oak Productions. The book measures 10x12 with eighty-one pages and 52 photographs, including five spreads and two pages of fun snap shots by Niki Butcher. An Introduction by Senator Bob Graham, a forward by Governor Jeb Bush, and an afterword by Clyde. This book will be available in April. Clyde will sign all pre-ordered books and there will be no shipping charge. Just prior to delivery, we will process the amount due to your credit card and e-mail you the delivery date. to order the book click here
or call (888) 999-9113
Saturday March 11 ~10:00 & 1:00
Sunday March 12 ~ 1:00
Reservations Required
$10 per person - snacks & drinks
Click here to make reservations:
http://clydebutcher.com/reservations/forms/openhouseform.cfm or call (888) 999-9113
My journey of exploration along the Apalachicola River and into the marvelous tributaries of the river has shown me some of the most beautiful country since my exploration of Big Cypress National Preserve. It does my soul good to know there is another place in Florida where the environment is still very much in its natural state. The apprehension over rapid growth, the pollution from Georgia, and the dredging of the river are concerns to everyone who live and work with the Apalachicola River. It is my hope that by sharing the beauty of the region with you that you will see the need to keep it in its natural biological condition for future generations to enjoy.

The lectures will be held at the Venice Chamber of Commerce approx, one mile from the gallery, 597 South Tamiami Trail. The lecture will be approx one hour. Ater the lecture Clyde will meet you at his Venice Gallery. For directions to Venice Chamber or accommodations, http://venicechamber.com/Index.html

"La Floridiana" is 2006 by William Moriaty. Webpage design and all graphics herein (except where otherwise noted) are creations of Nolan B. Canova. All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are 2006 by Nolan B. Canova.