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La Floridiana by Will Moriaty
   Now in our seventh calendar year
    PCR #335  (Vol. 7, No. 34)  This edition is for the week of August 21--27, 2006.

The Doubletree Inn Con; C. P. Indie Film Fest for August  by Nolan B. Canova
La Floridiana Tidbits  by William Moriaty
"Idlewild"  by Mike Smith
Tampa Comic Con....Cracked Magazine Makes News....VHS Grindhouse: "Legend of the Werewolf"  by Andy Lalino
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La Floridiana Tidbits

May through August of this year have been both a blur and a whirlwind in the life of yours truly!

Since early May I have managed 10 contracts valued at 1.5 million dollars in my regular job at the Florida Department of Transportation. It has required at times 14 to 16 hour days with hundreds of miles of driving.

In addition to this activity, my shin-splint recurred two weeks ago when my wife and I took our annual long weekend trip to the family reunion we attend in Tiptonville, Tennessee.That ended up sidelining me for a week afterward, and was the case in 2004, will probably take several months to heal back to normal.


That is why you have not seen as much of La Floridiana in the recent past. So, let's allow this column to be an update of all things Florida!

Clyde Butcher's Muck-About Swamp Walk, 2006
Florida folk hero and photographer extraordinaire Clyde Butcher will hold his Annual Labor Day Muck-Abouts for 2006 on September 2 through the 4th. Reservations are required and you better act fast! Cost is $20.00 a person, but well worth an experience of a lifetime to roam areas rarely seen by mortal eyes of Florida's Bid Cypress Swamp. For more information, send an e-mail to the following address: bcg@clydebutcher.com

For slides of last year's event, click on Clyde's official web site at: http://www.clydebutcher.com/2005_swamp_slides.htm

The latest with Clyde Butcher also includes his exquisite 2007 Calendar. This time Clyde goes to the other side of the Sunshine State to capture images of the stately Apalachicola River. To order this breathtaking work on one of, if not the most, breathtakingly beautiful rivers in the state and in the world, click to: http://clydebutcher.com/shopcart/shopcart.cfm?c=%2D%20Calendar%202007

In addition to these notable accomplishments, Clyde is yet taking the time to photograph the historic Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Estates in Fort Myers with the proceeds of sales of his photographs going to the funding of the restoration of this State and National treasure. For more information, link to: http://www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=200660721001

The Weird World of Charlie Carlson
What would Florida be without orange trees, summer thunderboomers, swamp angels, swaying palms in the breeze, spectacular sunsets and Florida folk hero and Master of the Weird, Charlie Carlson? A big crashing bore that's what! Time to move to Saint Martin or San Diego!

Fortunately, the Sunshine State still has all of these elements including its native Man in Black who has been getting into more mischief than should be allowed by the law! Amongst his latest is:

The Weirdest Weekend of the Year!
A National Gathering of Paranormal Groups, WEIRD WINTER, FEB 17, 2007, Decatur Illinois. Reservations beginning August 1, 2006. .

It's America's biggest paranormal convention where you can meet the top 5 of America's 25 Weird Writers! Troy Taylor, Charlie Carlson (From the SciFi Channel's Curse of the Blair Witch Weird Florida & Strange Florida), Linda Godfrey, Jim Willis, Weird Illinois & sixty other haunted books, Hunting the American Werewolf, Weird Wisconsin & Weird Michigan, Weird Ohio, Mark Moran of the "Weird U.S." Television Series, lectures on ghosts, werewolves and other strange phenomena. Hundreds of Venders and book dealers. Previews of new DVD releases of ghost hunts. Plus All night ghost hunt in the historic Lincoln theater!! For more information click... http://www.prairieghosts.com/winter.html Visit the Grand Order of Weird Writers at www.weirdwriters.com

The Weird Writers Project!
Secure Your Recovered UFO parts! Put the Jersey Devil back into his cage! Remove your roadside oddities to safe ground! You Ain't Never Seen Nothing As Weird As This. Creating a strange legacy in American Literary History!! THE GRAND ORDER OF WEIRD WRITERS WEBSITE HAS BEEN UNLEASHED AT LAST!! Click here for a weird trip to the outer limits of sanity. Read About America's Weird Writers! Find out about the mysterious Marks who started it all! See all of the Weird Books on a single page! Find out what makes a Weird Writer! Discover links to web weirdness! Check out strange things on the Unholy Shrine page!

Another New Book Release, September 15th!
Coming in September 15th! A Brand New Release From Barnes & Noble.......Weird Haunting.

Weird Haunting is a first of its kind! This full-color hardback is an spine-chilling collection of first-hand experiences with America's haunted places. Never before published accounts from across the USA of people's encounters with the unknown. Edited by Joanne Austin, researched and compiled by America's top weird writers www.weirdwriters.com including best-selling authors like, Linda Godfrey, Hunting the American Werewolf, Troy Taylor, Confessions of a Ghost Hunter, Charlie Carlson, Weird Florida, Matt Lake, Weird Pennsylvania, Plus, Mark Moran, of the History Channel's Weird U.S. show. Watch for Weird Haunting in all Barnes & Noble stores. September 15th 2006.

An Opportunity to Participate in the Night of the Paranormal, October 14th
It will be on Oct 14, 5pm till 9 pm at the Daytona Arts and Sciences Museum in their lobby, and plush auditorium which holds 250. Big stage with a high-tech audio system and remote-controlled big screen slide show system is available for those with slides.

Looking for cryptozoologists, mediums, psychics, ufo specialist, alien abductees, magicians, sword swallowers, off beat authors, mentalists, ghost busters, etc.

They do not pay but offer the opportunity to speak and a table to freely distribute information or to sell things. The museum is just off I-95 with easy parking. An admission charge will be charged to attendees which raises funds for the museum's educational program.

Susan and Charlie Carlson are assisting with the production and will be doing a stage presentation, her on the Spirits of the Titanic and me on Weird Florida. The show is a run up to Halloween and is well-promoted in the media. No charge for any of you who may like to participate either on stage or with a table in the lobby...the theme is weird and strange stuff. Paranormal Talk Radio hosts are welcomed, authors of the strange are welcomed. For more info email Susan Thompson at indigosun@earthlink.net

Meet Miami Aviation Historian and Florida Folk Hero Don Boyd!
I had the honor and pleasure last week to establish communication with a gentleman who possesses some of the most incredible knowledge on Miami's aviation history of possibly anyone alive. His name is Mr. Don Boyd and he is a resident of Miami Lakes, Florida. Mr. Boyd and was kind and caring enough to correct me on some errors I made in a La Floridiana article back in Issue #192 (errors which have since been corrected) about Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah (see last week's PCR LetterCol).

I encourage aviation buffs (especially Miami aviation buffs) and non-aviation buffs alike to check out his exquisite web site Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd at http://www.pbase.com/airlinerphotos

He has incredible shots of recent heavy piston activity at Opa-Locka that include DC-3's, a DC-4, breathtaking shots of a Turks Air DC-7B and a Florida Air Transport DC-6 on finals, unbelievably gorgeous landing shots during sunset at Miami International Airport, rare shots of Concorde SST activity at MIA in the mid 1980's and a section on the two airfields that tripped me up to begin with: Miami Municipal Field (a.k.a. Glenn Curtiss School of Aviation, Glenn Curtiss Field and Amelia Earhart Field) and Masters Field, all part and parcel of N.A.S. Miami (a.k.a. Opa-Locka Field, now known as Opa-Locka Executive Airport).

I sat stunned for hours beholding this gentleman's great works, and I hope you will be too! It's worth mentioning twice, link to Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd.

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