LETTERS  PCR #303      January 9--15, 2006)

  • Vinnie on The Drow's "Right To Annoy" piece
  • Reader on the DVD/Theatrical Question
  • Reader on Collecting Commuter Triva (and Will Moriaty's response)
  • Reporter Remembers The Band Missing Persons (and Andy Lalino's response)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    RE: the right to annoy (Re: "The Drow", this issue). Damn, I guess now Brandon Jones, Andy Lalino, and most of the readers of PCR can now send me to jail.

    Vinnie Blesi,
    Couch Potato Confessions


    Re: The DVD/theatrical question:
    I'm not at all surprised to see this happening. Pirated DVDs have been heartbreakingly a money loser for Hollywood over the past few years. Guess why? Because little Japanese people hide between the chairs in the theater with their video cameras and tape the entire feature, then off to the internet where it is uploaded and either sold as downloads or stamped out in pirated DVD copies that are sold on the black market. This has really toppled Hollywood receipts, not to mention the cost of rounding up and prosecuting the little Japanese people. This type of pirating has been a very serious problem, with millions of DVDs confiscated in the past few years produced by black market backroom factories. I heard this to be a suggestion about the middle of last year. The theaters were hurting, and DVD rentals and sales were souring, so...why not?

    That's my take on it all...
    Georgie Gorgeous

    Dear Georgie----Your letter was originally addressed to Paul Guzzo, but I was the one who wrote that article; I've since included a byline for clarification. I don't think piracy is limited to "little Japanese people", but the practice has cut into Hollywood profits. The more pivotal question is has it cut into them enough so that Hollywood can no longer survive despite them? We're in something like the sixth consistent losing movie year in a row--that's gotta be making somebody nervous. Thanks for writing! --Nolan


    Hello William,
    I came across your site today by chance thanks to a link from the eBay listing for David Henderson's new book on commuters. I immediately ordered a copy from him and can't wait to get it as I'm a bit of a commuter fanatic - going back to my early collecting days in the late '60s and early '70s. Perhaps you had the same experience, but I was convinced for the first thirty or so years of my collecting life that nobody else in the world was interested in timetables! That changed with the internet, of course, and it is reassuring to know I'm not alone in this passion.

    With the eBay listing there was a link to your site and the review of the book and that in turn led me to your earlier articles on commuters - interesting stuff!

    Anyway, the reason for the note is to ask if there was ever a part six to your series. I see that at the end of part five you make reference to a future article, but you didn't link to that in your review of David's book.

    While I'm at it, I'll ask if you have a copy of Quastler and Davies' book on Commuter Airlines of the United States? If you don't, please start looking for it as you will absolutely appreciate it. It is listed from time to time on eBay or through the used books on Amazon. I had the great good fortune of receiving it on my birthday a couple of years ago.

    Thanks for your interest in this field, there is so little good material written on the commuters, but they really were fascinating - as you certianly know!

    Kind regards from an expat in Belgium,
    William (yes, another William)

    Dear William:
    Thank you for your kind letter.
    Well, this shows how much I know my own stuff! There was indeed a Chapter Six to my series on Commuter Airlines which appeared in Issue #219. I apologize for my oversight on that!
    I do not have the copy of Quastler and Davies book, but with a birthday coming up next month, a little hint to my wife about it surely won't hurt.
    Thanks again for reading our publication, and "keep looking up!"

    William Moriaty,
    La Floridiana


    Hi Andy,
    This is probably one of the most belated messages you'll ever get, but I just Googled my own name for the first time in more than a year ... and I came across your Oddservations that mentioned the article I wrote about Missing Persons in The Weekly Planet. Thanks for the comments. Despite all my research, I didn't find out about the show at Masquerade in the '90s. I did chase info about a couple other MP shows that turned out to be either phantom appearances or the result of too many chemicals on the part of those who claimed to have attended them. Either way, it was a fun project. Too bad I can't throw away the day-job and find someone who's willing to pay me to write such pap!

    Happy 2006!
    Karen Lee

    Hi, Karen, and Happy New Year! Glad you were able to catch up with my column "Oddservations". I did enjoy your perspective on MP when they did the no-show thing not once, but twice! Sorry you missed the band, even when they were here for one night in the '90s. Actually, it was a far cry from the original line-up, with Dale Bozzio being the only original member. The other musicians actually looked like metalheads, and far removed from being New Wavers! I did manage to get Dale's autograph.

    Hopefully someday you'll get to do more WP articles about '80s bands. Thanks again for writing.

    - Andy Lalino
    Film State 51 International, Inc.

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