LETTERS  PCR #311      (March 6--12, 2006)

  • EC Comics/MAD Magazine artist Al Feldstein got my pictures!
  • Lonnie Dohlen and MegaCon '06
  • Another reader looking for Romper Room tapes

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Dear Nolan,
    Thank you for writing and for sending me the jpegs. I pose for a lot of pictures at Conventions and I always give the photographers my card and ask them to send me jpegs.

    They rarely do. So thank you for joining that rare group that does.

    It was great meeting you and chatting with you about E.C.'s history.

    And thanks for the kind words about our meeting that you wrote on your site.

    Nudge the MegaCon folks to have me back so we can meet again.

    And thank you again for going to the trouble of sending the jpegs.

    MAD-ly yours,
    Al Feldstein

    Dear Al: Thank you for taking the trouble to write back! Like I wrote in my MegaCon article it was an honor and a joy to meet you and talk about comics. I most certainly hope any Florida convention organizers appreciate your history enough to arrange for your return to Florida! --Nolan


    Sorry I couldn't be with you guys at MegaCon '06. I was home in bed with the flu.

    Lonnie Dohlen

    Lonnie, thanks for writing, we were concerned when we didn't see you. We all hope you are having a speedy recovery and can join us for our next venture! -- Nolan


    My name is Wm. (Ashley) Butler and I was on Romper Room as a child for a few weeks. How would I find those shows? It would mean a great deal to me.

    Ashley Butler

    I appreciate your situation, and it is one voiced by many fans of the show. My understanding is that, unfortunately, any original broadcast tapes of Romper Room were lost or destroyed ages ago, mainly due to storage expenses. Any private videotapes would depend on when the show aired, if anyone was taping them at the time, and if those tapes survived.

    I wish I had more encouraging news. Thanks so much for writing. --Nolan

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