LETTERS  PCR #316      (April 10--16, 2006)

  • Backbiter69 on Black Dog

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    Hey Nolan,
    In PCR #315, Joshua Montgomery ("Black Dog") says --
    "It's time we as Americans start taking a closer look at the people around us. I can point out twenty-five to thirty illegal immigrants that come into my workplace alone every day. Every time I say something about it, people look at me like I am talking crazy, but maybe you, my fellow Americans, will not."

    Jeezus, I wonder how many Native Americans thought the same of us European Invaders? Ah, f*ck it, we visit their casinos. That should be compensation enough for destroying their ideas. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

    Dave (Backbiter69 on the Message Board)

    I agree we screwed the Native Americans. And it's not something that I as a European descent American am proud of, no one took the time to talk to them. We formed negative views of them and abused them. I think Native Americans should have just as loud a voice as any other person. I think that they should be given their pride back. Insert them into the local government and find them homes in these communities and jobs and a voice on each level of government. That's one way to fix that problem, and if we could make it happen then I am all for it!


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