LETTERS  PCR #319      (May 1--7, 2006)

  • Reader remembers Jonathan Harris
  • ED Tucker replies to unique vending machine inquiry
  • Steve Beasley on unique vending machine
  • Steve Beasley on explicit New Zealand TV

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I recently saw an episode of Sanford and Son called "Potluck" and Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) was visiting as a customer.

    It caused me to really want to see and meet him. Didn't know he had died. My sister and I would argue with our younger brother to see Lost In Space [on television] instead of corny Batman. I am now in my 50's. Wish I could have met him.

    Vee [no last name]

    Vee, thanks so much for writing! You and I are about the same age and I have very similar memories.

    I wish you could have met Jonathan Harris, too. I met him one time at a poorly-attended convention in Orlando in the mid-90's. He was great, I got a picture with him but I have since misplaced it.

    He gave a talk about his career in showbiz, including Lost In Space and the (at the time) possible movie. I remember he took great glee in the fact that he flatly declined the offer to appear in it unless he could play Smith.

    Among the most piognant moments from his talk were his very opening words: "Never fear, Smith is here." The audience went nuts.

    He is sorely missed. Thanks again for writing. ---Nolan


    The company Backbiter mentions in Lettercol #317 is called Mold-O-Rama or alternately Mold-O-Matic. They were originally based out of Chicago but are now in Tampa. I actually had an appointment set up with the guy who owns the company to do a phone interview but he wasn't at the number when I called as scheduled and never returned my calls after that so I gave up. I would be happy to write up something formal for PCR and even send some pictures of the ones I have from Busch Gardens if you would like.

    - ED -


    (Re: Backbiter69's inquiry in Lettercol #317.) They had one of those machines at Tampa's Lowry Park from the early '70s to who-knows-when? I know it was also there in the early '80s. It was just outside the game room where the Skee-Ball games were located. It could almost look like a jukebox with its bubble-shaped glass from through which you watched the animal being formed. It was fun to watch it press a colored block of plastic into and animal shape via two metal plates (molds) on either side of the plastic block. In the '70s, it cost a quarter, as to whether the price ever increased....who knows? My brother David was also a big fan of that bit of gadgetry back then.

    Da Beaz (Steve Beasley)


    Hey Nole,
    I can't believe it but.....

    [Former porno actor] Ron Jeremy is now doing a promo for Channel 1 in NZ, which is the government-owned channel. They play a lot of old British programs and the Today (NZ version) Show, etc....basically a bunch of current events programs. He comes on and says something like, "Watch Channel One, where we have fun" or some such thing. Funny thing is...he's nude, full frontal and the dude's naked for the whole world to see. Really funny!

    Censorship doesn't seem to be a problem here. Nobody seems to care whether or not nudity is on TV. Weird, yet refreshingly different!

    Steve Beasley
    New Zealand

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