LETTERS  PCR #321      (May 15--21, 2006)

  • Ashley Lewis defends Tampa Indie Film Fest
  • Reader has info on Captain Kangaroo episodes
  • Steve Beasley on Stan Freberg
  • Reader's celebrity inquiry

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Hey Uncle Nolan,
    I see the review you put up on Crazedfanboy. I'm sorry I missed you at the Con. I didn't get there until close to 2 cause I was exhausted from the shoot the night before. It was a long one. The only person I really saw was Corey. On my way in he stopped me on his way out.

    I'm glad to see that you liked the trailer for Dark Dimentions, it's been quite the labor of love. Labor being empahasized. Its a huge cast and it's been quite the undertaking but it's coming along great. As to your question of who's editing the film. Mike Bronson, our DP, Ryan Workman, and myself have the editing. My dad ran some cameras and directed this film, of course. It's been a large project and I will never do that again on a small budget. Hehe.

    I can't wait to see the film in its entirety. When we have it ready we will be having the premiere and of course you will be invited. Expect that late summer.

    As for the film fest from what I understand it went pretty well, there were times throughout the day that it was standing room only and other times where it was only a few people, but that's bound to happen. The next one we are thinking about making it competitive and having an actual best of show thing. We are working on it. There is a lot on the plate right now. We have Dark Dimensions, three other films lined up, plus the film fest. As the producer of all this, it gets a little overwhelming at times keeping all the cast and crew on the same page, but it's going well.

    I hope all is well with you. We'll have to get together again soon. My work schedule has been conflicting so much with our Monday night dinner. By the way, my dad says Hi.

    Just wanted to keep you updated. Talk to you later!

    All the Best,
    Ashley Lauren Lewis

    Ashley, thanks so much for writing! Without re-hashing what's already been discussed on the ongoing Message Board thread, my basic three objections were 1: The fest seemed unorganized (the schedule was improvised on the spot; Joel Wynkoop put the only sign up, the one on the door he drew with a ball-point pen), 2: the producers, namely you and John, thought it was more important to stay up to 7:00am that morning shooting a movie than get some sleep and attend your fest from the start (better late than never, true) and 3: the DVDs with the movies were scattered across three people, only one of whom was present at the start.

    The question about the editing was interesting. When I asked who edited the "Dark Dimensions" trailer, either Doug Vater or someome else closeby, or both, said "John!" I knew darn well John did not edit and said so. Then someone said (incredibly), "Oh, you mean the name of the editor? Ryan." The name of the editor....isn't that what I just asked, who edited it? It was that scene that caused me to reflect on their answer sounding rehearsed.

    Please don't get me wrong; that the well-after-lunchtime crowd was copious and appreciative the remainder of the day is terrific. The pre-show publicity was actually pretty admirable. The fest, warts and all, is still something well worth supporting. It's the execution we've got to work on. ---Nolan


    I visited your web site and read the post regarding the availablity/existence of episodes of my favorite television series, CAPTAIN KANGAROO. Although it is widely believed that many episodes have been destroyed/erased years ago, there are a number of kinescopes/video tapes of various episodes/guest appearances. At last count, four of them are in collection of the Museum of Televison and Radio. I own some 16mm film prints of the series myself.

    Jason Beard

    Jason, thanks for writing! I believe I commented that of the many old shows requested, Captain Kangaroo possibly had a few on kinescope -- and that I mostly gleaned from the rare clips spotlighted on the occasional TV specials of early video (and ads in Filmfax, of course). I'm glad you have some on 16mm, and thanks for sending me the list in a private email! I didn't know ANY from the late '60s or '70s were available AT ALL due to the non-existence of VCRs at the time, now I know better. --Nolan


    Man, Dave (Backbiter69) has a helluva memory! (Re: Letters, PCR #360 on discovering Stan Freberg. --N) I had forgotten that incident until he brought it up here on PCR. I still like Stan Freberg, although I don't get to listen to him much these days. Of course getting any of the classic American stuff is next to impossible here at the bottome of the world. Tell him I am honored that he thought of you and I when he plays that tape. I think it needs to be put on CD or MP3 before it oxidizes permanently. I've lost so many tapes (audio and video) to oxidation over the years.

    Steve Beasley
    New Zealand


    (Re: Letters, PCR #319, on Jonathan Harris' passing) I missed the opportunity of meeting Jonathan Harris. How is Shirley Temple Black? I would love to meet her. Also Michael Flatley of Riverdance.

    Vee Williams

    WOW! Glad someone thinks I know all these famous people! Vee, thanks so much for writing in to PCRs #319 and #321. Although I did meet Jonathan Harris, I wish I also knew the famous people you asked about, thank you, but I am a simple boy from the south end of town. I haven't heard anything negative about Shirley or Michael so I assume everything's OK with them. --Nolan

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