LETTERS  PCR #331      (July 24--30, 2006)

  • Reader's remembers old Tampa restaurants (and Will Moriaty's response)

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    To William Moriaty,
    Loved your article about old Tampa restaraunts. (Likely referring to Will's 2003 piece in La Fla, PCR #149 --N.) A nice walk down memory lane......a notable that you left out was the fabulous Oyster Shanty, surely you ate there! I normally had a cup of chowder and grouper sandwich, I will never forget them! I nearly cried when they closed. They were originally on the North side of Hillsborough near the current ABC, then moved to the other side of the road farther west. They had little mallets tethered to the table for cracking crab legs. Best seafood on the planet.....

    Also, Godfather's Pizza and Whatsamattayou Pizza on South Dale Mabry.

    See Ya,
    Bud Johns


    Mr. Johns:
    Thanks so much for reading our on-line fanzine and taking the time to write us! I do remember the Oyster Shanty but regretably never stopped by there as I was a denizen of the Interbay area of Tampa. One of the shortest lived chain restaurants I ever remember was npt far from there. It was called Big Bird fried chicken at Hillsborough Avenue and Armenia back in the summer of 1978. I believe it was in business for about a week! For years my friends and I would joke that "that'l last about as long the Big Bird restaurant!" when we saw some new get poor quick scam open its doors for bidness and fold in no time flat.

    Ah, the sweet taste of old Tampa memories.

    Thanks so much again for writing and helping add to the history of what once was...

    William Moriaty
    "La Floridiana"

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