LETTERS  PCR #333      (August 7--13, 2006)

  • Reader researching old Miami TV show (and Will Moriaty's response)
  • Reader researching Captain Kangaroo character
  • Reader looking for Creature Feature theme
  • Reader remembers Tampa rock clubs

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    To William Moriaty,
    I am a researching the life a Naples woman who worked on a TV show in Miami, "Movietime Miami" which aired on WCKT TV in the fifties. I have noticed that you may have some information on personalities that appeared on that station during the same time frame. Could you please let me know if you have any ability to contact Mr. Wayne Farris or Charlie Folds. The documentary project is detailing the life of Maxine Baratt. I would appreciate any information you may have.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Tracy Gray
    From Chocolate Bars to Cavier


    Dear Tracy:
    Regretably, Ms. Baratt is a little before my TV watching life. I am nevertheless forwarding this to some good friends who might be old enough to remember "Movietime Miami" and will forward only responses they might have. Lastly, I don't know at this point in time where Wayne Farris or Charlie Folds can be contacted. Hopefully they are both still alive and kickin'!

    William Moriaty
    "La Floridiana"


    Dear Nolan,
    I have been researching the life of Debbie Weems. She was a regular on Captain Kangaroo from 1973-1977 and even put out a great album of songs from the Treasure House. She committed suicide in early 1978 at the age of 27. While doing this research, I discovered that there are only about three different episodes that have been saved of any of the original Captain Kangaroo show, even though it aired for over 30 years. There might be some copies waiting around in some of the cast or crews attics, or in storage by their families. I am writing to ask anyone who may have an old copy of an original Captain Kangaroo episode to be very careful with it. It literally might be the ONLY existing copy of that episode. Over 9000 episodes were done and only 3 are on record. What a tragedy!

    If anyone has information about Debbie Weems, they can contact me at johnmarcia@truevine.net. Thanks!

    John Thornton

    I hope we can help! To the best of my knowledge, the only extant episodes of Captain Kangaroo ever recorded on VHS are already in circulation. Of the years in question, only 1978 may yield any results and even then it's a long shot as VCRs were brand-new to the American scene. I am putting your letter here in the Lettercol in case anyone knows anything that can help you. Good luck!

    Thanks again for writing!
    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    I have been looking to hear that cool guitar song that was at the beginning of Creature Feature... do you happen to have it? I remember growing up in the early '70s watching it!!

    This site is amazing! :)

    Michele [no last name]

    Dear Michele,
    Thank you! I'm glad you like our website, and I'm happy you could visit.

    I'm afraid I have to report I do not have a discrete, separate recording of the Creature Feature opening theme at this very moment. I should probably make one from an old VHS and post it to the Database, that would be cool, haha.

    But maybe someone out there in fandom has one, I'm posting your question to if it gets any reaction.

    Thanks again for writing!
    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    I enjoy your articles very much and remember reading that you played in the old Tampa Bay Club circuit in the '80s?

    I worked at Ruby's Rock 'n' Roll Pub, Rock It Club, Tampa Bay Power Company & beach parties, The Station, London Victory Club, etc. in the '80's.

    What group did you play in?

    A curious fan,
    ~Angel~ [no last name]

    Hello Angel,
    Thanks so much for writing! My band was called BLADE and the only club on your list we played at was Ruby's Rock 'n' Roll pub around 1984, maybe 1985. VERY short-lived affair due to inter-band politics, but we had a great time. The owner's name was Dennis and he kinda reminded me of Ronnie James Dio.

    My fondest memory was there was a week's time when the name BLADE was on three different marquees at the same time in North Tampa, mostly because of unique timing (I think one club may've been closed). Ruby's was one of them.

    Those were the days.

    Thanks again for writing!
    Yours in fandom
    Nolan B. Canova

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