LETTERS  PCR #337      (September 4--10, 2006)

  • ED Tucker's Newest Surprise!
  • Reader Remembers Cassadaga

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    As you know I can never be idle for long and my absence over the past two or so months from the PCR can only mean one thing, something’s up! About a year ago when I read that The Royal Guardsmen had reunited to play several concerts, I added locating a member of Ocala’s own contribution to the Sixties music scene to my list of potential interview projects. I finally succeeded but I got a whole lot more than I bargained for!

    I initially got in contact with Guardsmen keyboardist Billy Taylor and requested an interview to discuss the history of the group. Being the generous and understanding gentlemen that he is, Mr. Taylor suggested I not only meet with him but group historian Bill Balogh and singer Chris Nunley who also still lived in Ocala. Billy was also kind enough to set up a location for us and when I arrived on the appointed Saturday morning, I was greeted not only by three musicians from a group I have enjoyed all my life but also by what looked like a traveling museum of scrapbooks and rare memorabilia! I managed to resist the urge to do some head conking and abscond with this priceless treasure and even managed to conduct a pretty decent interview.

    I left completely satisfied that I had the makings of a very good article but was surprised a few days later when I got an E-mail from Billy. He said he had spoken with the other two surviving members of the original sextet, drummer John Burdett and lead singer Barry Winslow, and that both were eager to contribute! After a little coordination, I was able to add the voices of all the remaining Guardsmen to the project that was now an exhaustive piece on their career but they weren't finished with me yet! Next I was informed that they had gone back into the studio to record a new song that would be released to coincide with the fifth anniversary of 911. It would be the first new Royal Guardsman recording in over thirty years and also mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron in November of this year.

    So coming next week will be a new contribution for the archives that includes never before published information, rare photographs, and the inside scoop on their new recording as I have the honor of telling “The True Story of The Royal Guardsmen”.

    - ED Tucker -
    Jacksonville, FL

    ED, as usual you've stoked the nostalgic mania of fandom assembled!! I think I speak on behalf of fans everywhere when I say "bring it on"! I look forward to the interview with The Royal Guardsmen as well as hearing their new recording. (PS to fans everywhere: of special signifigance to yours truly is the fact that the very first record I ever bought with my own money was "Snoopy vs the Red Baron" back in 1966. Hoo boy, that got some wear and tear, lemme tell ya!) --Nolan


    I just wanted to thank you for the very informative article you wrote about Cassadaga. I just moved quite close to there and didn't know the "real story" behind it, but now I do.

    Thanks again,
    Erin [no last name]

    Erin, thanks so much for writing! Will Moriaty is the likely author of the tome in question and I've passed along to him your sentiments. Thanks again for writing and you're quite welcome....glad we could be of help! ---Nolan

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