LETTERS  PCR #339      (September 18--24, 2006)

  • Reader tries to recall old horror movie (Andy Lalino and Matt Drinnenberg respond!)
  • Reader contributes memory of Barry Robins (Bless the Beasts and Children)

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    Greetings. I am trying to identify a movie which terrified me as child in the early '60s. It was about a man-sized cat creature. The scene I remember most clearly is when the creature is dowsed and burned but not killed. It later recovers enough to kill an Asian woman (it only shows her being grabbed from behind around the mouth by a very large, bandaged cat paw).

    I lived in SF CA, as I still do, and I believe it was shown on a local series called Chiller Diller Matinee on ABC channel 7, KGO. It might even have made it to another Friday night series on KTVU channel 2, at the time an independent, called Creature Features, hosted by Bob Wilkins. Got any suggestions? Oh yes: the monster meowed. I'd appreciate any thoughts about this.

    Thank you.
    Jorge J. Noguera

    Jorge, thanks so much for writing! The movie you describe doesn't ring any bells with me, but I put my crack staff of experts on the question by putting it in the PCR Lettercol this week and we got two quick responses below! ---Nolan

    Ed Tucker may be able to verify, but Jorge's movie likely is "Terror is a Man" (1959) - a derivative of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and a precursor to Eddie Romero's "Blood Island" films shot in the Phillipines.

    - Andy Lalino

    Dear Jorge,
    I believe the film you are referring to is "Terror is a Man" which was released in 1959.

    The premise of this movie is that a shipwreck survivor washes up on a remote desert island, only to find it inhabited by a mad scientist, who just so happens to be creating a half panther/half man monster. which just so happens to escape, murdering several people including a Phillipino servent girl named Celina.

    I have to thank noted film historian and writer Tom Weaver for helping me out with this!

    Thanks, Tom.

    - Matt Drinnenberg


    Hi. I can't believe Barry [Robins] came up, but since he did I will tell you the way he always spelled his name was with two "b"s (Robbins).

    I knew Barry for couple years and accompanied him to Paris, met many Broadway stars who knew him (he grew up on the B-way version of KING AND I with Yul Brenner) and so many knew him there, and touched my only fabrege egg in his presence. He contacted me on my birthday in '86 and asked my forgiveness, we didn't connect again.

    Yes, I knew Barry for a time, I miss his enthusiasm and spirit.

    Vince [no last name]

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