LETTERS  PCR #340      (September 25--October 1, 2006)

  • Reader has another cat-movie question
  • Reader looking for old Tampa restaurant (Will Moriaty responds)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Nolan (and Tom),
    Hello again. Recently I asked your help in tracking down a movie that I remembered seeing as a child. It turned out to be named "Terror Is A Man", which I'd never have found without your help (Or Andy's or Matt's from last issue, haha) -- N).

    Recently, my daughter brought up a movie that I'd encountered in my searches for "Terror...". This movie is called "The Cat Creature" and is based on a story by Robert Bloch. I am sure that it was made in 2 versions, one British and one American, because I read the reference to the British made movie. The American movie was made for TV in 1973 and starred David Hedison and Gale Sondergaard.

    Am I crazy or is there a British movie of the same or similar title concerning a resurrected priestess of Bast, killing people in order to retrieve a broach or medallion? I'd appreciate your reply.

    Jorge J. Noguera

    Jorge, hello, this is Nolan (Tom was a correspondent of Matt's). You're very welcome, my friend, glad we could help! As you can see I'm running your newest question right here to see if we get lucky again! ---Nolan


    Will Moriaty
    Hello. I was surfing around for old restaurants in Tampa, my home town, and I was pleased to stumble upon the story you ran called “Hungry for Nostalgia” (Actually it was likely Will's 2003 Hungering For Memories" piece based on the Kurt Loft Tribune article called "Hungry for Nostalgia?" that you saw. --N). It brought back some fond memories of some very fun times.

    I was wondering if anyone can recall a tiny little walkup burger, fries and shakes place on the corner of West Florida Av. and either West Curtis St. or West Hilda St.? The guy that ran it made French fries he called “Terriers.” Of course he did this to bring in us high school students from Hillsborough High School. These fries were the best you ever had. He dipped them in his special batter before frying them. I was hooked from the first moment I tried them and bought a bag every day on the way home from school. I think he finally had to close because there was too much competition with none other than the world’s famous “GET-N-GO.” Another great place for a Hillsborough High or Memorial Jr. High student to get a good hardy meal.

    I wonder if anyone would have pictures of these two fine dining establishments. Well, according to a teenager that is!

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Fellow Tampanian,
    John Morris


    Dear Mr. Morris:
    Thanks for reading our on-line publication and especially for reading my column!

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with the great restaurant you mentioned as I lived and grew up in "Robinson Country" down in the Interbay part of Tampa. It sure sounded like a neat place! Maybe if you recall the time frame some of our readers might be able to remember it. Some restaurants in Tampa were so fleeting in life-span, like the Big Bird at the corner of Hillsborough Avenue and Armenia Avenue that kept its doors open all of one week in the summer of 1978!

    William Moriaty
    La Floridiana

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