LETTERS  PCR #343      (October 16--22, 2006)

  • Reader remembers Campville, Florida
  • Reader recalls sci-fi classic
  • Still another request for Creature Feature

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Hi there,
    One of those houses off 301 may have been where I spent some quality time as a kid (Re: my Campville visit, from PCR #224 --N). My grandmother's house and also my uncle's house were right along that dirt road on the other side of those tracks.

    Would be interesting to know if we're somehow, weirdly, related.

    Please write back, if you get a second.

    Sharri Reid

    Dear Sharri, How nice of you to write! Yes, my father was raised SOMEwhere along that area in the early part of the 20th century, but unfortunately I don't have an address, so can't know exactly which house unless I invest in some serious research. The last living relative to visit sometime in the mid-'90s said the old house was still there, but did not give specific directions.

    I imagine the main stretch of highway we were traveling on (re: my article) did not exist in 1920, at least not to the degree it is now, although likely the railroad went through there.

    What might be a distant possibility is that my grandfather and your grandmother or uncle knew each other (or OF each other) from the area. That would be very cool indeed. If you remember, please ask your family in that area if they ever knew anyone named "Canova".

    Thanks again for writing! ---Nolan


    I'm going out on a limb here. what is the Creature Feature episode where a space ship crashes into a field buy a farm house. a boy witnesses it from his window. it takes place underground in this field. It's black and white and as I remember pretty scary. Trying to find it for a Halloween party. Any help?


    Finally! One I know! The movie in question is called "Invaders From Mars". The original version came out in 1953, obviously the one you want if it's in B&W, the color remake came out in 1986. Glad to be of service! And thanks for writing.---Nolan


    I grew up watching Creature Feature every Saturday in the '70s....it was the coolest chow out. Anyways, I was wondering if there might be a chance of any video footage around? Or if there is any way to put the original show back on the air? If you have any footage of Dr. Paul Bearer, please put it on your website.

    Jason Neal

    Jason, hello, and thanks so much for writing! Unfortunately, any and all Creature Feature shows were dumped when UPN bought the station (Channel 44 in St. Pete) in the mid-'90s. Ebay is the only known reliable to source to find ANY old Dr. Paul Bearer episodes from a variety of collectors.

    I myself posted on my website some clips from the "resurrection" attempt made in 2004 with the new host Professor Paul Bearer II. After Halloween of last year I took them down, but it may be time to put them back up again.

    Don't forget to check out the compilation of all known extant episodes on our Creature Feature Database! Best I can do for now, I'm afraid. ---Nolan

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