LETTERS  PCR #344      (October 23--29, 2006)

  • Andy Lalino on PCR Halloween Happenings
  • Jason Liquori re: Tiffany Shepis encounter, says, "It wasn't me!"
  • Reader on Dr. Paul Bearer and Shock Theater

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Excellent coverage of all the Halloween happenings (okay, mid-October happenings!) in Central Flordia this year. Particularly enjoyed Ed Tucker's Screamfest article and your HHPS visit.

    Just a quick addendum to the HHPS - "Halloween" star P.J. Soles did arrive at the HHPS at about 6pm, in time to help out "Death by Engagement" producer Pennie Orcutt introduce the screening of the neo-slasher.

    I had the good fortune of meeting P.J. actually on Saturday at Orlando's Screamfest. I mentioned my recent e-mail interview with her for Sirens of Cinema magazine, and she remembered who I was. Honestly, she couldn't have been nicer. I was able to chat with her just a bit during the HHPS, but we ended up leaving at about 7pm, and didn't have as much time with her as I originally intended.

    In addition to P.J.'s arrival, actress/model Krista Grotte appeared at approximately 6:30pm. Being that it's been several months since last seeing her, it was fun to catch up.

    Also got to meet, as you did, scream queen Tiffany Shepis (we actually encountered her last her at Chiller) who was very nice and very able to work the horror crowd.

    Thought you may have wanted to know what occurred after you and Guz had to split.

    Andy Lalino
    Clearwater, FL

    Andy, Thanks, man! That solves a few mysteries. Glad you liked our coverage, and it was nice runnung into you and Andrew Allan at the HHPS. ---Nolan


    Re: Your HHPS '06 encounter with Tiffany Shepis where she recognized you, possibly because of her and my connection to Hoodoo For Voodoo. To be honest, I've never met her. I wasn't there the day she shot, so she knows you better than me. I was surprised, however, that she showed up because I also heard the rumors she wan't going to show due to negative reports over last year's HHPS.

    She must just know you from the page. Maybe followed the trail of Hoodoo links to it and saw your pic. I hear she's good at names and faces.

    Jason L Liquori
    Hocus Focus Productions
    Apopka, FL

    WOW, thanks, Jason! Then I'm back to thinking somebody besides us DOES read this website! Haha. Sometimes the magic really works. Thanks for writing and for the clarification. ---Nolan


    I just read the Dr. Paul Bearer interview (I grew up and lived in St. Pete from '66 - '01). In the interview they mention "Shock Theater". It was on Channel 13 on Friday nights, Channel 13 was at the time WTVT, if I am not mistaken. I just though I'd throw that out there because reading the interview made me remember all those weekends staying up late and watching all those campy movies on Fri, Sat aftnoon and night.

    Ric [no last name]

    Ric, Thanks so much for writing! We all enjoyed the good doctor very much.

    If I understand your reference correctly, the two Shock Theaters in question were two different shows. You're absolutely correct that Channel 13 WTVT had a Shock Theater in the '60s in the Tampa Bay area. But there were Shock Theater programs in AnyTown USA for a long time, I think.

    Shock Armstrong, the All-American Ghoul was our boy in Tampa. Dick Bennick's character (Count Shockula) was from Winston-Salem, NC. ---Nolan

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