LETTERS  PCR #347      (November 13--19, 2006)

  • ED Tucker on actor Scott Schwartz
  • Mack Beasley on Scott Schwartz
  • The Tropics' Charlie Souza touches base

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I read your review of the Tampa Comic Con and it was funny to see they had Scott Schwartz there as a guest. I can't believe you passed up a chance to discuss his porn career with him. You described it in your review as a "persistent rumor/factoid of Schwartz's supposed involvement in porno movies" but that is not the case at all. Schwartz's brief career in hard core porn is both real and well documented, even by the actor himself. He has appeared in several "E! True Hollywood Story" segments discussing how he became involved in the adult industry through friends after his career stalled in the late 90's (following major roles in "A Christmas Story", "The Toy", and my personal favorite, "Raiders of the Living Dead"). He started off as a "straight" actor in porn but eventually moved to up to doing the nasty (in "Scotty's X-Rated Adventure") when the non-sex roles proved elusive. Schwartz's father owns a movie memorabilia store in California and is friends with Sam Sherman of Independent International, which lead to his son's role in "Raiders".

    ED Tucker
    Jacksonville, FL

    ED, Thanks for the info about Schwartz. I didn't know any of that. The two friends who are with him in the photo, the Beasleys, I know had connections in adult entertainment, but wasn't sure that was supposed to be connected, despite it seeming obvious. I was trying to respect their feelings. (At the Con they said they were all "just friends".)

    The publicity about Schwartz's appearance at the Con only revolved around "A Christmas Story" (the kid with his tongue frozen to a pole) and made no mention of his adult films. Read on for another viewoint. ---Nolan


    Howdy Nolan,
    It was nice to see you and Terence at the Comic Convention last week at Scott Schwartz's booth.

    Scotty was in town to sign autographs and sell movie collectibles for "A Christmas Story" and "The Toy" along with visiting old friends. Normally one or two of the other "Christmas Story" actors are with him but a Vegas wedding kept the other two away. Scotty's buddies in "The Toy" couldn't make it either as Jackie Gleason and Richard Prior spend most of their time now being dead.

    It's only for a couple of months (Nov - Dec) each year that Scotty does the signing routine. Most of the time he runs a place that's right up your alley called "Movie Collectibles" not far from his home in L.A. Scott also sells sports autographs and has access to some of the biggest names in the Baseball and Basketball world including a close friend of his named Barry Bonds. Scott's the guy to call for big name autographs and photos etc., etc....

    Scotty is a good guy, very bright and always on the move. And yes, he did spend a little time in the Porn World mostly producing a few movies. The business wasn't what he had in mind as it's mostly the distributors that make the real money. He's happier in his Movie Collectibles business anyway.

    As for Machelle and I, most of our time is spent going to HotRod events and selling my artwork online.

    Take care Nolan, see you around the bend.

    Mack Beasley

    Mack, thanks so much for writing! Consider me WAAAY more educated now about Scott Scwartz than I ever was before last weekend! It was great seeing you and Machelle, take care. --Nolan


    Hello Nolan,
    Just a note say thanks for helping to keep the memory of the Tropics alive! (Will Moriaty has written various pieces about famous Florida bands in La Floridiana. Happy to have them! -- N)

    I am still performing the Tropics music with my band and now I will be touring with hall of famers Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish of the Rascals, playing all of their hits as well! Joining us is the Vanilla Fudge B-3 & vocalist, Bill Pascali who now lives in Lakeland. So there is still a Florida connection with us.

    The music we play never dies. Hopefully we'll be able to meet someday soon.

    Thanks again!

    Charlie [Souza]

    Charlie, Fantastic to hear from you, thanks so much for writing! Hey, we do what we can to help promote and keep alive all things Florida and all things Tropics. Keep up the great work. And thanks again for making contact. ---Nolan

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