LETTERS  PCR #348      (November 20--26, 2006)

  • Tom Stimus update

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    While conducting a search to create my family tree, I came across this article. (Likely La Floridiana, PCR #74 from 2001 re: TV ads. -- Nolan) As the granddaughter of Tom Stimus it is interesting to read this about him. I will keep his current whereabouts private, but he is still in the car business, and those wacky ads worked!!!

    Jennifer R.

    Jennifer, How thoughtful of you to write! Thanks for taking the trouble. I'm glad to know Tom is still active and, yes, those wacky ads were very memorable and worked!

    Please tell him for us how much he meant to us (show him the webpage if that's possible), and that we wish him the best of luck in the future.

    I'm posting our exchange in the PCR Lettercol, so all his old fans will know. Thanks again for writing and Happy Holidays! ---Nolan

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