LETTERS  PCR #351      (December 11-17, 2006)

  • Ashley Lewis on "Dark Dimensions"
  • Reader inquires about airline memorabilia (Will Moriaty and David Henderson respond)
  • Steve Beasley clears up question about the Kapok Tree

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    Hi Nolan,
    Re: the PCR review of "Dark Dimensions". I just wanted to comment about the "incident" at the end of the night. I didn't know anything about this. I apologize that happened to you. The DVD's were given to Nick to give to the actors and crew that worked on those films. I'm sorry that they were left laying around and subsequently were taken from you guys. There was no animosity driving that at all.

    As for your review I appreciate you taking time to give a thorough review of Dark Dimensions. I'm sorry that you had a hard time understanding a lot of it, but appreciate a fair review.

    To clear up some confusion about the story.

    The things I think that you missed were that at the beginning it is stated that the book was stolen from a French museum thus leading Interpol to search for the stolen item. While at the book auction Interpol/FBI shuts it down once they realize that its the book they are looking for but once again it is stolen. This is why the FBI and Interpol are involved. They are seeking the book to return it to the musuem and also why it was stolen in the first place.

    Kyra and Louis are other-dimensional beings who are working together to get the book so that "the bad guys" won't open a portal and let in the bad guys: "shadow beings."

    The mob-like guys' "Order of the Iron Dragon" are a secret society that has been looking for the book since it was stolen by the church. The want the book to open up "Heaven's Gate" Their plan is to steal the treasures of heaven. They don't know that it really is another dimension and not heaven at all.

    Serrata is one of the "shadow beings" and also wants the portal open for the reasons that Kyra and Louis don't want it open for. She wants her creatures to come through and take over or whatever.

    I just thought I would clear it up for you. When there is this much going on in one movie it does get confusing and that is one of the things that was hard for us to combat, since it is such a multi-faceted story.

    Anyhow, it was nice seeing you there and we will get you a copy as soon as the CGI comes in and the music track is done.

    Ashley Lauren Lewis

    Thanks so much for responding. I remember now about the Interpol angle, but that Louis and Kyra were other-dimensional beings somehow got lost in the shuffle.

    I guess Terence was right about this being a glorified "heist".

    As for Nick Cuti, I appreciate the clarification, I'll pass along the message to Terence and Gus. I wasn't there when it happened, I heard about it afterward. However, you might want to divide up "video-cop" duties to someone less reactionary.

    Good luck with the fine-tuning of "Dark Dimensons"!



    I recently found 2 stock certificates for Mackey International, Inc. - each certificate is for 100 shares and issued April 12, 1972.

    Are they worth anything? Are they worth keeping?

    Joan Lee

    Hello Ms. Lee:
    Thank you for writing and reading our on-line magazine!

    As Mackey International has not been in business for close to twenty-five years now I doubt that the shares would have any monetary value beyond that which they might garner through sales to collectors of airline paraphenalia. As a courtsey I am forwarding this e-mail to Mr. David Henderson, author of the book Sunshine Skies, a book about commuter airelines in Florida that featutred a write up on Mackey International, who might be interested in this or know of others that would.

    William Moriaty
    La Floridiana

    Hi Ms. Lee,
    That sounds like an interesting find. As Will mentioned, Mackey has long been out of business and the stock value is zero. There are collectors of airline memorabilia who might be interested in them and it may be worth placing the certificates on Ebay. I really don't know what such items would sell for but it would probably be in the $5 to $15 range. I would certainly be interested in them.

    Best wishes,
    David Henderson


    Did some online searching in response to the Lettercol inquiry about a Kapok tree restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale from last issue.

    Formerly the site of the Kapok Tree Inn in Ft. Lauderdale

    The above postcard says, "Formerly the home of the Kapok Tree Restaurant and Pioneer City Theme Park, this area is now part of the Environmentally Sensitive Land sites in Davie and a wonderful place to visit with its trail system, hardwood oak hammocks, and restored wetlands."

    Long Key Natural Area
    Location: 3501 SW 130th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330
    Neighborhood: Fort Lauderdale
    Phone: 954.357.8100
    Cost: Free

    Hope this clears up the confusion,
    Steve Beasley,
    New Zealand

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