LETTERS  PCR #353      (December 25--31, 2006)

  • ED Tucker and The Royal Guardsmen with Holiday Greetings!

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    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. (I did, thank you. --N)

    I got a very special bonus this year when I went to Ocala to spend the holiday with my parents. I had the honor of having lunch on Saturday the 23rd with The Royal Guardsmen at their headquarters, "Abio's Pizza". In addition to having some really good pizza (and beer), I presented them with copies of the November 24, 1967 edition of "The Mike Douglas Show" where they performed three songs, including a pre-release version of "Snoopy's Christmas". This was the first time Billy Taylor, Chris Nunley, and Bill Balough had seen this performance in almost 40 years and we all had a blast. That evening I was also fortunate enough to get to see the band Crossfire perform at a local lounge. This is the regular group that Chris, Bill, and modern Guardsmen Pat Waddell and Rick Cosner play in. They did a very diverse set of all types of music.

    Attached is a photo from our Saturday lunch to share with you and the readers of the PCR.

    Merry Snoopy's Christmas 2006 from The Royal Guardsmen!

    - ED -
    Jacksonville, FL

    Glad y'all had a great Christmas get-together and that the Guardsmen are still tearin' it up on the circuit! I think I speak for all PCR readers when I say the RG interview was definitely a major high point for Crazed Fanboy in 2006! ED (second from right in the above picture), have a great New Year and please wish the Guardsmen the same for me, willya? --Nolan

    -- Your humble editor and publisher, Nolan B. Canova

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