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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours

The Coffeehouse/Tampa Film Review  

At the top of the list of memories from my time in the Tampa Bay Film Community was the Coffeehouse Film Reviews (or "CFRs"). This Friday the CFRs return at their new location in Ybor City north of downtown Tampa, and with a new name, the Tampa Film Review (or "TFRs").

As a filmmaker coming from a smaller market there are certain variables a person needs to complete a successful film. To me the biggest factor is heart. If it's not working an extra job to raise money then it's never stopping when promises are broken.

That's what the Tampa Film Reviews are really about. It truly is put on by filmmakers for filmmakers. There aren't any entry fees or special political hoops a person has to jump through. The whole concept is nothing but filmmakers showing their work.

Another aspect of the TFRs is it's a great meeting place for filmmakers and actors. Many times as we are starting new projects we lose touch of our fellow friend filmmakers in the hustle and bustle of production.

Now heed my warning. It seems every so often someone will come a long that proclaims to be the savior that will help the local film community. A fantastic speech is usually followed by passing of business cards. Then after that nothing usually happens. People from Tampa know this has happened many times. The true fact of the matter is you are your own best contact. Isn't it true that you are the person that cares most about your own production? If the answer is yes then be involved with the TFRs for what they are truly meant to be. To show your completed work and network with other filmmakers that are doing what you are doing. Be about it, don't talk about it.

I have to give big ups to the Guzzo brothers for putting this whole thing together for as long as they have. These guys are hard workers and the kind of people I want to hire. You also have to throw the editor of this site into that mix, Nolan, Mr. Crazedfanboy himself for finding a way down to Ybor. Not to mention reviewing each film for this site.

Maybe one day there will be a best of DVD for the TFRs like there is for Tromadance. That would be pretty cool. It would be another great way to pub the local area and the event.

Keep a special eye out for our short film on Friday, January 13th, "Hooligan's Valley." Sorry, it's a shameless plug but Nolan said I can write about whatever I want. :) If you would like to check out a recent review of our film before heading out to the CFR's check the link below.


I hope there is a great turn out this Friday night!

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