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La Floridiana Lite: Upcoming Events  by William Moriaty
"Firewall"  by Mike Smith
Don't Cry. Steelers are World Champions.  by Mark Terry
Make Up Your Mind....Thank God I'm Losing My Hair....Congrats....Passing On....My Favorite Films--Chapter 6  by Mike Smith
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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Don't Cry. Steelers are World Champions.  

It has happened. The Pittsburgh Steelers are World Champions! It didn't strike me until I spoke to my Mom and she said she was so happy for me. When I spoke to my Mom I almost started to cry. My family knew that I would get made fun of going to grade school wearing Steelers clothes. They were and have been always my team.

Accept it, accept it, accept it, this is what a World Champion looks like.
This year is a special year. I knew the Steelers would win it all. Then again I say that every year. Unlike every year I did bet the Steelers out in Vegas to win over 10 games. They did do that. Gambling is not something I suggest to anyone. Although I looked at this as investing money instead of gambling. Read any investors book and it will say, "Don't invest money in something you know nothing about." Well, I know a lot about the Steelers, 27 years' worth.

In this whole Steelers, World Champion thing, I found out who my real friends are and are not. I got calls from people I haven't spoke to in years saying they were happy for me as if I won the Super Bowl myself. I got calls/emails from so called friends who said the game was bullshit and the refs won it for the Steelers. I call them haters. Those so called friends showed their true colors and should've been happy that I was happy.

I wanted to address the Ref thing on this site since it's my personal column. If you think the refs won the game for Pittsburgh, you are, quite simply put, not accepting the truth, and a loser. Take it from me, a guy who played college basketball against Division I teams, or ask my brother, head football coach of an Indoor Football team in Ohio, what it takes to be a champion in athletics. It takes a heart of a champion and never giving up. Good calls and bad calls for any sport will come and go. It's part of any game. To be a champion you have to roll with the punches and give everything you got.

I made this sign as a joke for my friends who are Steelers fans. At first I was hoping not to get struck by lightning, but now I am starting to think maybe Jesus is a Steeler fan, too.
My view on the whole situation is Seattle did not want to win enough. Now don't say the refs blew the game. Seattle lost by double digits. This losing team also missed several field goal attempts. If I am not mistaken there was a ruled incomplete catch that wasn't ruled a fumble for Pittsburgh. Shit happens and these things go both ways, so move on with it.

I said in my article a few weeks ago no matter what happened in the Super Bowl I would always be a Steelers Fan. I was there at the Hall of Fame when Terry Bradshaw got inducted. I was also there to see Chuck Knoll get inducted as well. The Steelers have been a part of my life and a lot of joy (and money) came from seeing Pittsburgh win it all.

Now if you have a problem with that all I can say is good things happen to good people.

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