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    PCR #310  (Vol. 7, No. 9)  This edition is for the week of February 27--March 5, 2006.

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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours

It Begins Again  

"You are way in over your head."

Yeah, whatever, asshole! I am happy to announce that we are shooting the opening to our movie "Live Evil" this weekend in Amboy, CA. This week's article from me is going to be kind of short because I am preparing the shoot for this weekend.

There was one major detractor who said the above quote. You guys know who I am talking about. He is the one who made the little scratch on NolanCon into a deep cut that would require staples. He is the one who would not give money up front for people to develop his website. He is the one who said he would invest in everything and not give a penny. Above all else, he is the one who everyone in Tampa knows does not stick to his word. If I was in a relationship with someone like that I would have to get a divorce. And that's just what I did.

Forget about bitterness though. Every film maker on this site knows there are haters out there. The fact of the matter is most projects we do we go into them way over our head. The good filmmakers find a way to make it work with what they have and complete what they started. It's called sticking to your word.

This weekend we are shooting the opening scene of our film in Amboy, CA like I said above. Amboy is a famous landmark on the old Route 66. Movies like "The Hitcher" with Rutger Hauer and "Kalifornia" with Brad Pitt were shot in Roy's Diner in Amboy.

The town today is a total ghost town. Since Route 40 was built, it ruined local traffic and 10 years ago the entire town was vacated.

We are currently shooting a featurette on the history of Amboy, CA. This video footage will be found on www.liveevilthemovie.com when the site launches in mid March.

Lots of stories and goodies to come.

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