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Live Evil In Production  by Mark Terry
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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Live Evil In Production  

As promised, here is the update and information on our shoot of March 5th and 6th.

"Live Evil" is Other Side Cinema's 5th film. The film is being directed by Vito Trabucco and produced by me once again. The writers credited for the script are Lance Polland, Lenny Lenox and Vito Trabucco.


When Clean Blood Starts to run out one of the remaining groups of vampires scour the streets of LA to find fresh blood. Never more than two steps behind, the vicious vampire slayer "The Priest" is on a quest to end the vampire race. His mission: to prove that life can be more evil than death.

Roy's Diner Sign. Next time you are in Best Buy pick up "The Hitcher" for 5 bucks and see a pretty cool scene inside the diner where we shot.
A lot of people who read my article or are friends of this website are aware how the film began under the circumstances of a local flake investor. However, I didn't want to write this article as a pity party. To create a movie with all the obstacles in the filmmakers' way is something that should be celebrated. Sometimes these films stretch out over years. Hell, I have been there in the past.

A few months ago our group set out and created a teaser trailer for our upcoming film "Live Evil." The very gifted special effect make-up artist, Al Cortez, was nice enough to help us out with it. The teaser can be viewed on the movies home page which I will talk about below.

At the beginning of March, after months of pre-production and planning, we shot the opening diner scene of "Live Evil" in Amboy, CA. For those of you who I haven't told or don't know about Amboy, it's a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. Perfect for our desert vampire film.

I have to thank God that we have a cool crew and great group of actors that are willing to travel that far and put up with the very harsh conditions. To be honest, there wasn't any power or running water at the location. The closest gas station was 30 miles away on the historic Route 66. Just like you see in the movies. Nothing on either side of the road for miles.

The director, Vito Trabucco, set the schedule from dawn till dusk inside this tiny diner which used to be called Roy's Diner. We somehow shot 6 pages in 2, during daylight hours only. So a total of 24 working hours to shoot everything. It was a feat that made me feel that our group could do anything if we pulled this off.

Over all we had a great shoot. I was even a skeptic of the FUJI stock we used but now I am a believer. Maybe one day I will write an article on my thoughts of the FUJI Eterna high speed film vs KODAK's Vision II. Both are great stocks, but it depends what your goals are for your movie.

Cast and Crew photo. Amboy, CA.
We are currently putting together the next several scenes in talks with producers' reps to find legitimate financing to complete the film correctly. After seeing how cool the opening scene came out I would hate to nickel and dime the rest of the movie.

Today we are officially launching the production site which is: www.liveevilthemovie.com

Very special thanks to Chris Woods for putting it together so quickly for us. There is a bunch of stuff on there including the teaser trailer. There is a whole lot more to come, too.

Any other updates I have you will be sure to hear them here first on CrazedFanboy.com

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