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    PCR #315  (Vol. 7, No. 14)  This edition is for the week of April 3--9, 2006.

"Ice Age: The Meltdown"  by Mike Smith
WRESTLEMANIA 22, Reviewed  by Mark Terry
Border Security is a War on Terror.  by Joshua Montgomery
Matters of Faith  by Nick King
Lizard Talk....Moon Knight....Tampa Indie Film Fest IV  by John Lewis
Hate To Say I Told You So....07-27-07....The Turtle Triumphs....5,256,000 MINUTES....That '70s Show....Kill Me Now....Passing On....My Favorite Films -- Part 14: Two this week. "Jaws: The Revenge" (for laughs), and "Glory" (for real)  by Mike Smith
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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours  

First, a special note regarding last week's "Middle Toe": From time to time I get some feedback from my articles. Most likely, it's people complaining about what I am saying or doing. I have been writing Middle Toe since mid-December now. In that time I have only missed 1 week of writing due to shooting a movie. Out of maybe 15 articles, only a couple were directly linked with Other Side Cinema or the movies I am involved with. As Nolan stated last week, I always do try to write something about the filmmaking process. I don't want these articles to be a self-glorification. Last week's article wasn't totally a self-plug, but more of the filmmaker going against adversity. However, for those of you who don't like what I write, talk about, or say, be a grown-up and don't read my article. If I am not mistaken it says "My Middle Toe's Longer Than Yours by Mark Terry." My articles are not a reflection of anyone's opinion but my own. I am sure there are better things you can do than read my article. Go surf The Huns Yellow pages and stop worrying about what I do. For those of you who are friends and readers that enjoy my articles, thanks for stopping by. I will try my best to inform and entertain you the best I know how.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: Censorship and being afraid run on the same train track. ---Mark


If there is any one thing I am a CRAZEDFANBOY of, it's WWE and pro wrestling. If you are thinking to yourself right now, "ewww, wrestling is fake and stupid," go directly to The Huns Yellow Pages and start watching some free she-male videos. I can't stand people who always say "it's fake." No shit, it's entertainment. I don't know too many people who walk around thinking Anthony Hopkins is really Hannibal Lector. Once again, it's time to look at this form of entertainment as entertainment and enjoy it, if you want to, for what it's worth.

My brother and I grew up watching the old WWF and Saturday Night's Main Event. This is one show that I have watched almost non stop since I was 5 years old.

With that being said, Sunday was a big day because it was Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of sports entertainment. The show this year lasted nearly 4 hours on Paid Per View.

Below is a match-by-match review of the entire event. Check it out:

Carlito and Chris Masters Vs. Kane and The Big Show for the WWE Tage Team Championships
To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this match. It ended up being a better match than I thought. Chris Masters a kid in his early 20s is a stud. If he can learn to talk even in the next 10 years we could have a future champion. The result of the match was Kane and Big Show holding on to the straps. This is kind of weird because they ended up dropping them the very next night to the Spirit Squad which are a group of supposed male cheerleaders. Maybe this match was just a thank you for everyone involved.

Money in the Bank Latter Match, Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin vs Bobby Lashley vs Matt Hardy vs Finlay
First off, it was nice to see Finlay involved in this match. With out a doubt another "Thank You" by the front office to a guy who has worked with the Divas behind the scenes for years. This match was one of the best all night. It was in my top 3. I had a feeling RVD would win the Money in the Bank match. The winner gets a shot at the WWE or World Title anytime he wants. The story with in a story with 57 year old Ric Flair getting hurt and coming back was cool. I think WWE might have missed the boat on this one. Even though RVD won if they would have given it to Flair and let him challenge that night for the belt it could have been one of the biggest moments in wrestling ever.

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Chris Benoit, US Championship
In my opinion they absolute worst match of the night. After money in the bank WWE must of figured it would be a good idea to put in a mat style match. The crowd was just not into it. Bradshaw looked as fat as I have ever seen him. If Bradshaw is a wrestling God then he needs to take the advice of other gods and do some cardio. Its really ashame too because Bradshaw is a great heal wrestler. Benoit in my eyes pretty much carried this match and did the job for Bradshaw. Why I don't know.

Mick Foley vs. Edge, Hardcore Match
This match may have very well been the best match of the night. There were so many gimmicks in this match I loved it. Barbed wire, thumb tacks, blood, and of course two human bodies going through a burning table at the end of the match. This match proved to me two things. First, Foley still has it in this type of environment. He also has his wrestlemania moment now. Second, Edge is the real deal. This guy deserves a future title run. It should last a year instead of 3 weeks.

Booker T and Sharmell vs The Boogeyman
The easiest way to explain this match is in one simple word. CRAP! This match reminded me of an Ultimate Warrior match. There would be a build up and build up only for the match to fall short and suck. There could have been a lot done with the angel with Sharmell being involved. Maybe the highlight of this match was the backstage interview before hand. I really don't see how long this Boogeyman gimmick can last. To me its already growing stale. I feel bad for Booker T too. This guy is super talented. A former 5 time WCW Champion. He has been involved with two very bad Wrestlemania angels. First Booker and Edge in Wrestlemania 18 fighting over a shampoo commercial and now this crap. Why does the front office not want to give Booker a chance? How does Rey Mysterio get the strap instead of Booker? It doesn't make sense and who cares who won.

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus, Women's Championship
This match was better than expected maybe because of the crowd. Chicago is known for being rowdy at wrestling events and maybe sometimes loving the bad guys. The crowd really got behind the psycho character of Mickie James. I like Mickie first off because she is kind of a Florida girl. She started her career in TNA-NWA in Orlando and trained at the Funkin Conservatory in Ocala. She is a better wrestler right now that Trish has ever been. Trish is great to look at but she has never been able to talk either. I loved the story leading up and it marked the first time I can remember seeing a female wrestler bleed. On a side note, is it just me or does Trish Stratus think she is God? You can tell she is really into herself like a lot of actress I meet. On top of that she really botched the finisher. Now maybe her leg was hurt for real but come on suck it up you are supposed to be the best female wrestler ever. Take two seconds and put someone else over. My opinion is Trish is one of the hottest ever but one of the most overrated female wrestlers ever. Wow I can't believe I just wrote that much about women's pro wrestling.

Mark Henry vs. The Undertaker, Casket Match
Another no rules match-up. There are really no rules anyway. Not a whole lot to talk about here. There wasn't much we haven't seen before. The Undertaker was 13-0 coming into this Wrestlemania. He has pretty much done it all. We got what we expected in this match. A great introduction for The Undertaker, a cool match with a great high spot, and The Taker winning. Good match but nothing I really haven't seen before.

Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels, No Holds Barred
Great more no rules matches. This was the one I was waiting for and one I knew that would deliver and it did. The match told a wonderful story over several months. McMahon is the best out of ring story teller ever and the best in-ring story teller is most likely Shawn Michaels. This match delivered everything. Action, comedy, and a lot of brutality. It is amazing to me that at 60 years old, McMahon is in that awesome of shape. He has all the money in the world to put into his body and does. Good for him, he looks great. It will be an on going argument who stole the show. This match or the Foley vs. Edge match. Both are were worth the price of the paid per view.

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle, World Heavyweight Championship Match
I think everyone knew Rey was going to win this match. Angle comes in the champion and maybe the best wrestler ever! Rey comes on in with this huge back story with Eddie Guerrero. I have to agree with Orton when he says Rey is a charity case. A quick story. The first wrestling match I ever went to was in the Bay Front Center in the mid 1990s. I saw Rey at that time do some sick moves when he first started in the WCW. I never thought someone that small would ever be Heavyweight Champion. It just proves right place right time and hard work is what it takes. By the way it was a very good match.

Candice Michelle vs. Torrie Wilson, Playboy Pillow Fight
This sounds like a good idea, but it sucked. We have already seen Torrie Wilson naked in Playboy a few times and last month Candice Michelle, the go-daddy.com girl, naked as well. Seeing these two non-athletes roll around in the ring with clothes on is boring. So boring the crowd vocalized that during the match. If WWE wants to have a Wrestlemania moment with one of these kind of matches pop a titty out. Even though we have already seen it, we would at least have something to talk about.

Triple-H vs John Cena WWE Championship
First off I really liked Triple-H's Conan type entrance. This was a traditional style match and a very good one at that. Great story telling and a great match. The win was picked up by Cena who made Triple-H tap out. Once thing about Triple-H is he is willing to give back to the business. In my opinion, he is the best pro wrestler/sports entertainer today. The match was in a very cool place because of the crowd. Cena came in baby (good guy) and Triple-H came in heal (bad guy). During this match the crowd was with out a doubt against Cena chanting, "Cena Sucks" and "Fuck You Cena." Announcers tried to cover it up saying the Chicago crowd was into traditional wrestlers like Triple-H but thats not true. People are sick of Cena. Only little kids like him. He is a great talent and athlete but he is growing stale was well. He was better as a heal than baby-face. For weeks Cena has been getting booed and WWE has tried to cover it up. Hey WWE let us cheer for who we want and don't shove the story telling down our throats too much.

I give Wrestlemania 22 a B+. It seemed like we would get two very good matches then one very bad match. The placing of the matches were perfect, almost like songs at a rock concert. In closing, look for RVD to cash in his Money in the Bank at the ECW Paid-Per-View. If WWE is smart, as I think they are, they will get Cena hated more and more. If he walks into a ECW type atmosphere, he will really get booed. RVD vs Cena in an ECW-style match could be something that we will remember for a long time.

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