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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Is It Worth It?

This week's article might be a bit like a Seinfeld episode. Although it's about a bunch of differently little things, it's truly not really about anything. Maybe you would just call this a rant or just a smart way to look at things.

A lot happened this past week with the Joe Davison-Rick Danford war. I am always hearing about little tiffs that are going on in Florida. I am not totally innocent out here either. In all the politics of movies and feelings and emotions, all in all, the bitching really doesn't matter. One thing I think I have learned very well from studying acting is I can tell what types of personality type a person is right off the bat. In some ways I can almost tell what people are going to do or say next, based on their character.

Almost nothing surprises me anymore in what people do or say. It isn't worth the effort to fight Danford or anyone else. That's me and my personal situation included. As someone who collects 100% of his paycheck from the entertainment industry, I have decided this is what my life is about. No people like Danfords or McCurrys or anyone else know me better than I know myself.

When dealing with these types of people you just have to go with your gut. After a while it's shit or get off the pot time. I remember hearing Orson Wells say in a documentary about Citizen Kane, and I am paraphrasing, "Ninty-eight percent of my life has been politics and two percent has been movie-making. It's not a way to live a life."

The question is does all this really matter? That's the question I usually am asking myself. We know that situations from people with unjust characters are not surprising. The truth of the matter is you are really your own best contact. I have said this over and over again. And I should frankly even listen to my own advice. I will read this again in several months to remind myself that this is true. No one cares more about your movie, your career, and your life, than you.

I don't want to make this sound like I am acting like I am cooler than anyone or some type of bad-ass, which I am not. On Friday of last week I was on the set of Transformers because of our Russian Arm (a camera device). I was standing 3 feet next to Michael Bay for 4 hours watching how this guys works. I was really impressed. I saw helicopters flying and cars getting smashed. A lot of money was being spent but someone had to believe in these people to get the money and level of talent out there to create this movie.

The truth is success does exist but you have to make it happen. All the people who are negative on the direction that you want to take your life you just have to get away from. Everyone has problems and politics will always exist. Shit, if they existed from maybe the biggest talent ever in Orson Wells, then they will exist for us.

For me, I am going to continue to try to achieve the goals I have set for myself and work in the business I love as much as I can. If I am going to "take my gloves off", it's going to work my hands to the bone trying to be something. There is no way I am going to be worrying about someone who means zero to my success in the future.

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