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    PCR #333  (Vol. 7, No. 32)  This edition is for the week of August 7--13, 2006.

"World Trade Center"  by Mike Smith
Happy Birthday Nolan....This Time Last Year....Future Goals  by Mark Terry
Odds are, I'm Back!...Catching Up with Oddservations....VHS Grindhouse....Mel Gibson...."Talladega Nights"  by Andy Lalino
Amity Island Excursion  by Matt Drinnenberg
You Say It's Your Birthday....Welcome Back....Will It Never End....Off To I-O-Way....My Favorite Films, Part 32: "Major League"  by Mike Smith
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Happy Birthday Nolan; This Time Last Year; Future Goals

I wanted to wish Nolan a very happy birthday this year. Last year around this time Nolan held his birthday (which I was unable to attend) after the cancellation of NolanCon. Not long after that Nolan became sick but thank God he is back in stable health. (Thank you, Mark! -- N)

Can you believe this time last year Neil McCurry was at Nolan's Birthday party giving him a gift; a special gift which was a T-shirt of his newly-shot, home-made short video with Debbie Rochon. Great gift from a self-proclaimed millionaire. Hey Neil, how about paying the music guy I hooked you up with?

Several months later just like he balked on his word on NolanCon, he balked again on our feature. If I have learned only one thing as a filmmaker since that time, it is this below. Oh, and believe it or not, I actually make films. If you don't believe me, Neil, ask around.

I have learned that many many people will come a long during the time of the production. Different people from different walks of life and background. I have figured for most low/no budget films the turn around time from conception to production to completion is on average one year. During that year you will run by all kinds of people that will tell you everything under the sun. Stay focused. A lot of people will try to get you to work on their production which will take momentum away from your project. Most will return with unfulfilled promises. I ask myself when there is not a whole of of money, "What is in it for this person to help me?" Sometimes its experience, once in a great while you have a good friend who is kind hearted, but many times someone will help or promise to help for self fulfilling reasons. Which isn't always totally bad. For lots of people who aren't getting paid they may want something in return, but be careful of the bad seed that helps for his own personal gain. That kind of person can put a huge dent into your production.

If someone is willing to invest or give you a deal which may sound too good to be true have them sign to it. A guy like McCurry who approached us and was a stickler about his word should have had no problem signing a notarized agreement. Especially, if he was going to do what he set out to anyway. The one thing I have learned is get people to sign to their word RIGHT AWAY. If they won't do it then they are either full of shit or it's not a priority and if it's not a priority then you are wasting your time. Even with distributors. When reading Mark Bosko's distribution book he said even if it's a solid company like Lion's Gate. Give them a set amount of time to make a decision and if they can't come to one, it's time to move on. There are other fish out in the sea, other distributors in the world and other investors waiting to spend their money. Don't get stuck wasting your time as a filmmaker on people who can't come true with their promises regardless what the reason may be.

This time last year around Nolan's Birthday I never thought I would be sitting where I am now. I suggest highly to make a one year goal and ask yourself next year at this time did I accomplish what I set out to do? I know the goal I am thinking of in my head right now will be accomplished because I am going to find a way or make it happen myself. I hope you can do the same with your goals.

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