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An Open Note To Rick Danford  by Mark Terry
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

An Open Note to Rick Danford

(Editor's note: The following article refers to a recent, month-long message board battle where local filmmaker/promoter Rick Danford was made aware of how many people he'd offended over the years. I believe his recognition of this situation was sincere and subsequent apologies were accepted. I do not want to be accused of sustaining further attacks against Rick, but writer/producer Mark Terry, unable to correspond earlier due to work schedule conflicts, knows all the players involved in this drama, and requested an opportunity to comment on this case. It's only fair, and as far as I am concerned, Mark will have the last word on it, at least from this end. --Nolan)

Rick, it's time I think we need to have a shoot right here.

First off, I gotta say I love Rick Danford. Most people in the area would say my opinion is pretty valid since I have backed up everything I said I would do in that area. My local accomplishment as an actor and producer speak for themselves. However, in a nutshell, I feel that Rick Danford is the type of person that represents everything that can go wrong with the Florida indie film community. The reason I love him is because how he goes about things is a great tool to learn from.

I just read this mile-long post by Rick Danford on the mile-long thread from the Crazed Fanboy Message Board posted by several people over the last two weeks or so. I have to agree with Nolan that I thought this issue was buried and over. I have been busy working 6 days a week in the industry, that's why I didn't read it two weeks ago.

This is my letter to you, Rick.

We could sit here all day and talk negative things about anyone. He said, she said stuff. Who cares. I really don't know all the story about the Adult Shopping Network, the Chris Woods situation, or Nolan and your magazine. (While I was living in Florida, your old boss at the Adult Shopping Network practically begged me and Vito Trabucco to "clean up Danford's mess", and that "he's been on payroll all this time and hasn't produced anything." That's where I got the idea from. But according to your message board post, you have DVDs of completed episodes and claim some even aired. Similar to the Horror Channel's situation, the ASN was supposed to be an actual TV channel, but failing that, went exclusively to internet "broadcast". So, there might be a conflict of what is meant by "produced" and "aired".)

As was acknowleged on the board, I do know every time someone says your name there is a cloud of smoke around it and these people and many more feel wronged by you. (Ask around if you can.) I also know for a fact things that you said to me when we spoke face to face.

My first question to you is one I have asked many times in this column and on the board: have you ever been paid full-time to work in the entertainment industry? I am not talking about cashing a 40-dollar Customflix check or some Adult Shopping Network. I personally worked on the show at the real Home Shopping Network when I was 19 years old, full-time and I wouldn't even count that as real industry work.

My next question is how many times have you set foot in the state of California and/or worked in the industry here full-time?

So with all that being said....The last time I ever saw you, you said it was not smart for me to move to Los Angeles. What are you qualifications to determine that statement? You also said that everyone else out here would be like me. That there would be an actor on every block. Who are you to discourage anyone from doing anything?

For the record are some POSITIVE things I have done since being out here:
a.) I currently work full time for a company (in the industry) that pays me twice as much as any regular job in Florida I had.
b.) I got my SAG card with in 5 months of living in Los Angeles on the show 24. That is an accomplishment I feel would have never happened in Florida. That's not to mention all the shows I acted in since I have been out here.
c.) I have produced films and music videos out here. One of which I was able to use Panavision Panflex 100k package. All film by the way. No home made, video cam corders.
d.) Have worked with/or met on set many known actors, stunt coordinators, and directors.
e.) Producing a new feature film with names to be announced which might shock some people.
f.) I have had had a chance to attend CineGear, AFM, and VSDA and other distribution events.
g.) and maybe the most important thing is I have learned from professionals who have actually done it in this business.

The problem with you and the name you have created is a lot of fluff based on no substance. This is the majority of the time. There are a few glimmering moments where the promotion equaled the hype. Congrats on that even though it was on a smaller and somewhat regional scale.

I feel Florida needs to create legitmacy to attract investors. Not a weekly newsletter. Just like Neil McCurry, if you are not able to fully back up what you say you shouldn't open your mouth. Not feel like you are misunderstood.

One of the biggest things that bothered me about your message board posts: Nolan provides a forum for people to speak. He doesn't edit things or come through curtains and tell people to shut the f*ck up like you thought he should. I would have loved to hear someone say that to me. If that would have happened we would have had a real shoot on our hands.

So my suggestion is keep your mouth shut until you can back up what you speak about. I hold a certain amount of respect for you as a promoter, but as a filmmaker you are not a professional. "Wonder Boy, Part 3", using uncleared music, on a home video camera, equates you as a hobbiest not a pro.

To all the people who read this I have some advice which you can take or not take. If you only have a limited amount of time to live, a limited amount of time to pursue your dreams due to family or work, I would suggest spending your time where it counts the most. Maybe volunteering with underprivileged kids, spending time with your family, or just relaxing with the time you have so you are happy. Or maybe you can just pack up a van and drive 2,500 miles to make your dreams a reality! There is no one to blame other than yourself if you don't make it to where you want to go.

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