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Labor Day Magic 2006  by Will Moriaty
"Little Miss Sunshine"  by Mike Smith
Suggestion  by Mark Terry
Congratulations, Katherine!...VHS Grindhouse - “Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde”  by Andy Lalino
Irony, Defined....Is The Head Dead Yet?...Is Her Name Pronounced Su Li?....My Favorite Films, Part 36: "Superman The Movie"  by Mike Smith
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours


I was a little surprised to see people get upset at me over last week's article. I really don't feel that there was anything in there more harsh than was placed on the message board. However, that could be the reason that people were upset that it extended to an article.

One thing that made me happy about this whole deal is that it proved that people actually read my articles. Some people even read it who swear they have boycotted the site. One a sad note, wouldn't it be more appropriate to comment on the articles where I wrote about distribution or things that maybe could have helped you as a filmmaker?

Recently, I watched a documentary called "The Secret." This film is by PHDs, philosphers, religious people, authors, and other folks from different walks of life. The whole movie is about the secret of life , what it is, and how to obtain it. Right away I thought it was some BS Scientology dvd but its a legit disc. Visit the www.thesecret.tv for more info on it.

Now we all know there are laws of the universe. Like the law of gravity. It doesn't matter if myself or the Pope walks off the top of a 10-story building. The bottom line is we are going to hit the ground, thus, the law of gravity.

The Secret is (and I am going to give it away) knowing and understanding the universal law of attraction. Like attracts like. You reap what you sow. You are what you eat. And all the other clichés you can think of to fit the mold.

Have you ever noticed that when you smile at someone they smile back? Or that the biggest topic on Nolan's message board is a negative topic which brings other negative reactions.

I really feel that these things are not coincidence. My whole point to writing "My Middle Toe is Longer Than Yours" is to share information that was never shared with me in Florida. I always want my friends and colleages to strive to be better than me not like me. That's what this whole thing is about. I never wanted to be the 5th guy on this site to review the new Superman movie.

I am not a critic and have always felt that critics are legless men who teach running. I strive my very best to be a doer and that's what the reply to Danford was all about. Do what you say you are going to do. That's it! And sometimes be ready to have the proof to back up your claims.

So with all that being said my suggestion to Nolan is to delete the entire Rick Danford message post and my article last week from the archives. If like truly attracts like and there is a lot of pent up negative feelings, maybe that should not be used on a message board or article like I wrote. I am sorry for attracting and adding more negative feelings but I am not sorry for the truth I revealed.

For those writers on this site, former writers, or just casual readers who don't like me personally or what I write about I have one last suggestion. I will be back for Christmas and hopefully able to attend a TFR. My suggestion is be a man and come up to my face and let's talk about it.

Mark, I think I understand where you're coming and I appreciate your commentary. Regarding your suggestions, the message board thread was started by Joe Davison, not Mark Terry, there's nothing you should feel guilty about there. Plus, there are important issues addressed on there that are likely beneficial to posterity. Your apology for the hurt feelings over last week's column regarding Rick Danford, mixed with the confidence underscoring the truths involved is sufficent. I respect you immensely, but I don't delete content on this website. However.....to keep the peace, and help put to rest a message board topic that has hopelessly digressed anyway, I have modified the topics's title. It's been changed from "Danford's attempt to steal our thunder" to "An attempt to steal our thunder" which at least takes Danford's name out of the title. --Nolan

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