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Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth  by Mark Terry
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My Middle Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth

This article really has nothing to do with the theme of this site, but since it's something major that happened in my life recently, I figured I think out loud and share.

When I was in middle school for the first time I had braces. The braces stayed on for about 2 years, but for some reason my teeth seemed to shift back to their normal spot and it was not due to not wearing a retainer. Since that time my jaw has never been the same and always seemed to crack.

A few years later I begged my parents for braces again and they went ahead and did it for me. I had 4 teeth removed my second time around. Top and bottom Bi-cusped which is the small tooth behind the pointy tooth.

I was told at the time I would never need to have my wisdom removed because I had plenty of space.

By my senior year in high school the gaps were closed by the braces and my teeth were perfect for my senior pictures. That was 10 years ago.

This time last year I was working a job in Anaheim when I was lucky enough to have a job that gave me dental insurance. My left, bottom wisdom tooth had a huge whole in it. Mostly from decay. The Vietnamese Dentist told me he could do a Root Canal and save the tooth for an unspecified time. He did the root canal which ended up being my most painful trip ever to the dentist.

Fast forward to this past week. My wisdom teeth started killing me again especially the wisdom tooth I had a root canal on. I went to the dentist locally and they said it was time to remove them. I did that on Monday and now I am recovering. My teeth on the top and bottom on my left side were taken out. Not a fun day.

In all this dental activity it made me start to think. I have been in many dentist's offices in my life and here is what I have found.

1.) Why does your new dentist/orthodontist always disagree with your old dentist's/ortho's work? I have been told a few times previous dentist didn't know what he was doing. Did I just have bad string of luck?

2.) Who's came up with the bright idea to put Mercury in fillings. It seems like my generation was the last generation with the black fillings. Isn't the whole idea of getting a filling to take out the cavity and make it look good? Why would a doctor put in black mercury?

3.) Wisdom Teeth are God's little trick. Evolution has not fazed them out yet but they are still there to annoy us. Why?

4.) Do these Dentists/Orthodontists really know what they are doing or is it all a crap shoot?

Regardless, my mouth feels better now only one day later. I have realized dentistry is a business like a hospital's reason for existence is to make money. When does that become more important than actually helping people?

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